Your programme management office may be doing a valuable job, but not everyone in the organisation will appreciate it or even understand what it is.  Help your organisation love your PMO by making sure you are doing these key things.


Ask for feedback and respond


If the role of the PMO is misunderstood or unappreciated within the organisation there may be valid reasons.  Consider surveying staff from all departments to find out what their feelings toward the PMO are and why. Ask them what their challenges are when implementing projects.  Would they volunteer for project teams?  Could they recommend being on a project team to a colleague?


Be prepared for negative feedback and respond to it. Sometimes, improving what needs to be improved will radically alter other departments’ view of you and positively impact how well-received, well-implemented and efficient future projects are.


Keep it simple


Try to demystify the project management process so that it makes sense to others.  You can achieve this by simply using laymen’s terms. Avoid complicated project management terminology that others might see as jargon. By all means, use the terminology you all understand within the PMO.   Just make sure that when you communicate with other employees, you tailor your language, process and tools to be easily grasped by everyone across the organisation.


Add value and demonstrate it


The role of the PMO is to add value to the wider organisation. You know this, and your business case should specify exactly what value you are adding and how. However, the benefits you are providing may not be self-evident or may not be evident until the end of the project. Projects involve change, and most employees don’t like change. Focus on both the value you are adding to the organisation and demonstrating that added value to everyone across the organisation.


Serve the wider organisation


The PMO is a service function for the organisation, so live to serve.  Ask employees what they need from you, how you can help and if they have suggestions for new projects to be considered.  Sometimes, if your PMO is unpopular within the organisation, it’s because many employees only ever hear from you when you are chasing an action or deliverable that they are responsible for. Turn this around by constantly checking on what you can contribute as well.


Let your organisation’s values drive your actions


Get clear on the values of your organisation and integrate them into everything you do. This creates cooperation and cohesion throughout the entire organisation.. Plus it helps employees understand why you are taking the actions you are or requiring certain actions of them. If you can always tie project aims back to company values, it will be easier to demonstrate the benefits of each project.


The aim is to have everyone within the organisation on the same page. By implementing these tips, the PMO can become a valued and appreciated part of any organisation.


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