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Who wants to be a slave to their work?  Managing projects is complex, requiring circus level juggling skills.  Left to it’s own devices it is attention seeking and time draining and can end up managing you .  It’s easy to to find yourself lost in a world of chasing down information, managing data from multiple sources, in many formats and trying to get a clear picture of just what is going on.



Help is at hand.  The right project management software can make all the difference when it comes to successful project completion. Software can provide solutions to all the major pain points that all project management teams need to address.  Here we look at 7 ways project management software can help you get on top of your projects.




Software provides solutions to all the common organisational issues that every project experiences. It facilitates a centralised system, accessible by everyone involved, with clear dashboards showing project progress, next steps, timelines and budgets. This clear visual overview of the project can be updated at the touch of a button with each step forward that the project team takes.


2. Accountability


Within any project management team, accountability is vital. The right software system provides a transparent, easily accessible and updateable task list, indicating who is responsible for what, what has been done, and what is overdue. One-touch reporting allows team members to inform the entire team of project updates instantaneously.


3. Consolidation


Software can consolidate project data with relative ease. It keeps all information in one place, with important data clearly displayed, and all files automatically updated to the most recent version. Communication can also be centralised through the system, cutting out the need for countless emails and face-to-face meetings, where only the people involved know what was discussed.


4. Follow-up


Following up on tasks becomes both rarer and easier with the right software in place. Managers can see at a glance which tasks are complete, and which are still pending, and easily check what the status is on anything for which they are waiting. Team members can update the system in real time, so there is no time wasted in chasing up people who may or may not have completed tasks because of a lack of clarity.


5. Visibility


One of the strongest benefits of project management software is the ability to create a clear overview of an entire project. Dashboards can be customised, with all key information represented in one place. Managers can track project progress from their desk in a fraction of the time it might previously have taken to pull together an overview of the project, and the overview is complete, with no missing documents, reports or data floating around.


6. Evaluation


Ongoing evaluation is essential to good project management. With advanced software, evaluation can be built into the system, with things such as current spend, projected timelines, progress towards desired outcomes, and other key performance indicators incorporated into the system, so the progress of the project is obvious. Detailed records of every phase of the project are logged, allowing for an easy assessment of the success and cost-effectiveness of every project.


7. Feedback


Feedback on a finished project can also be facilitated by project management software. Indeed, software systems can be set up for built-in feedback. Communication between managers and team members is recorded, both during and after the project, allowing everyone the opportunity to report on lessons learned in a way that will contribute to all future projects.

Verto software can help you manage the pain points in your projects so they don’t overpower you. To find out more, contact us at or register for our 14 day free trial!