Agencies and service-based industries

Meet the platform that can help seamlessly connect your agency’s integrated offering across multiple offices and teams

Agencies and service-based industries

Meet the platform that can help seamlessly connect your agency’s integrated offering across multiple offices and teams

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How different industry sectors use Verto
A team using the Verto system to the benefit of their project management

Verto is designed with fully integrated agency operation in mind

For service-based industries, such as integrated marketing and creative agencies, effective forecasting, resource planning and time management are not only nice to have – they are business critical. Yet there is often a disconnect between finance managers, project leads and project teams working in different ways, using different tools and on different platforms.

Verto is designed with fully integrated agency operation in mind, meaning that different groups and offices can all work harmoniously on the same platform. From fiscal forecasts, client project budgets and capacity planning through to intuitive time tracking, project management and thorough reporting. The entire agency can work collaboratively on Verto.

Yet the Verto platform is far from a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that individual groups from finance managers to new business directors and campaign managers will each have interconnected, yet unique workstreams. That is why, Verto Dashboard and tools are completely adaptable for each team member to work effectively.

Finance management

Verto provides full finance management capabilities, allowing users from across the business to input and manage finances – be it fiscal budgets, forecasts or client project budgets. The platform can notify individuals when their input, review or approval is required to avoid delays and keep everything up to date. The ability to track spend in real time, provides full transparency on project spend. Integration with financial systems such as SAP, Oracle, Pegasus, Agresso, ensures that Verto remains the central point for analysis and reporting across the business – to avoid switch between multiple platforms and tools.

Verto dashboard view showing all the quick ways to manage your project
Agency Resourcing with Verto

Resource Management

Scheduled and planned resource can be a monitored using the schedule view, as well as the heatmap view of Verto’s comprehensive resource function. The schedule view provides details around the activities each resource is planned to be working on as well as showcasing the current utilisation percentage. This provides the ability to actively monitor resource allocation including the resource capacity on any given day. The heatmap view provides the status on the capacity of the resource at a higher level, utilising statuses to identify any potential risks in terms of resource allocation. This view makes it extremely simple to quickly identify resources that are under or overallocated, allowing for informed decision-making to resolve this.

To monitor planned servicing levels in real time, you can also see the actual utilisation of the resource against the forecasted time you have allocated, allowing you to effectively review capacity.

Rate cards can also be assigned to resource roles and set to different time frames or projects.

Timesheet management

Users can complete timesheets within Verto to reflect the actual time spent on completing a task and there is logic built in to make this as quick as possible – which is welcome for anyone completing timesheets. The system knows which projects an individual is assigned to and will only show the relevant tasks to ensure quick but accurate time recording. The submission then goes through an approval before the time is added to the project record.

Resource management dashboard view
Agencies Collaborate

Collaborative working

Verto brings people together to collaborate and manage activities and projects on one cloud-based platform. It manages everything from simple day to day tasks through to major campaign planning.

With Verto Documents, your team can work collectively on project documents. Microsoft Office integration means that multiple team members can work simultaneously on documents through their desktop apps and version control sees an end to multiple versions of documents being sent around via email.

Individuals, project teams and whole global organisations can stay connected remotely with Verto Chat. Chat and message alerts are even available through on the companion app (Vertogo), mobile and desktop so you don’t miss a thing.

Performance Reporting

Verto performance can be used to measure how projects are reporting against KPIs. Custom reports can be produced and tailored to suit each project. All reports are run in real-time, so only the latest information is presented, and you can use tags and filters to select only the data required.

stakeholder engagement with Verto
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