Agency project management made easy with Verto

Use Verto’s project management tools to seamlessly connect your agency’s offering across multiple offices and teams

Agency project management made easy with Verto

Use Verto’s project management tools to seamlessly connect your agency’s offering across multiple offices and teams

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Verto is designed to connect the moving parts in your agency

Agencies often see a disconnect between finance managers and project leads / teams. While finance managers have to prioritise the internal needs of the business, project teams prioritise the client’s needs. This disconnect is often amplified by departments working with different tools and platforms. 

But what if both sides could integrate to show a complete holistic view of how the company is doing? 

With Verto, you can completely integrate every aspect of your agency or service-based organisation. Using our all-in-one cloud-based solution to agency management, you can effectively manage your teams, tasks, timelines, risks and stakeholders from a business-level as well as your client offering, all from one workspace. 

Deep dive into Verto’s capabilities

Verto is designed with a fully integrated agency operation in mind. Multiple offices are able to work harmoniously on the same platform. From fiscal forecasts, client project budgets and workload capacity planning, through to intuitive timeline tracking and interactive reporting, Verto allows entire agencies to work collaboratively and seamlessly. With Verto, you can: 

  • Manage projects from one interactive dashboard 
  • Create intuitive timelines using Gantt functionality for different parts of a project 
  • Keep stakeholders engaged with intuitive reporting 
  • Assign workflows to teams and track progress 
  • Manage potential risks and issues well ahead of time 
  • Work on secure documents collaboratively from one version 
  • Create Gantt charts and Kanban boards to streamline workflow 

The Verto platform is far from a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that individual groups, from finance managers to new business directors and campaign managers, will have interconnected, yet unique workstreams. This is why the Verto Dashboard and tools are completely adaptable for each team, member and stakeholder. 

Agencies Collaborate

Streamlined collaborative working

Verto is designed for complete collaboration within agency project management. Teams can work together on one cloud-based platform to complete tasks and create documents. Individuals, project teams and whole global organisations can stay connected remotely with Verto Chat. Chat and message alerts are even available through the companion app, Vertogo for mobile and desktop, so nobody misses a thing. 

Verto Gantt chart managing a project

Project manage your client activity

Create interactive Gantt charts to streamline your project schedules allows you to accurately track milestones and the progress of team members. Create for multiple clients or projects, ensuring each workflow remains on track. Individuals can see the progress of their projects in real time and can stay updated with their own milestones to take ownership of their allocated tasks. 

With Verto’s document management tools, your team can collectively work on project documents. Microsoft Office and Teams integration means that multiple team members working simultaneously on documents avoid issues with versioning. All edits are made to one document, with every historical version available if needed.

Manage your people resource

Using Verto, agency resource management is simple to control. Scheduled and planned resources can be monitored using the comprehensive schedule view, or the heatmap view for a top line look at the people resource within your company. 

The schedule view provides the details for each resource and, from here, drill down into a team member’s activities to show and amend their current utilisation percentage in multiple ways. From here you can actively monitor resource allocation and capacity on any given day, ensuring workloads and milestones are achievable.  

The heatmap view provides the capacity status of the resource at a higher level, utilising statuses to identify any potential risks in resource allocation. This view makes it quick and easy to identify any under or over allocated capacity to make informed decisions when it comes to allocating workloads.  

Rate card information can be assigned to resource roles or individuals and set to different time frames or project schedules.

Agency Resourcing with Verto
Resource management dashboard view

Timesheet & schedule management

Users can complete timesheets within Verto to reflect the actual time spent on completing a task. Our timesheet function knows which projects are relevant to each team member only showing them tasks assigned to them. This ensures confidentiality where required and helps quick recording of time spent on tasks before approval.

Finance management

Verto provides full finance management capabilities, allowing permitted users to input and manage finances. Fiscal budgets, forecasts or client project budgets, with Verto you can plan and manage it all. Relevant team members can be notified when their input, review or approval is required, avoiding delays and ensuring all data is up to date.

Verto grants users the ability to track spend in real time with full transparency. Integration with financial systems like SAP, Oracle, Pegasus and Agresso means Verto can analyse and report back on financial activity throughout the business. Acting as a centralised hub for finances, Verto negates the need for constantly switching between platforms and tools.


Verto dashboard view showing all the quick ways to manage your project
stakeholder engagement with Verto

Performance Reporting

Verto’s data reports can be used to measure how projects are reporting against KPIs. Produce custom reports tailored to suit each project, providing teams and stakeholders with the information they need the most. All reports are run in real-time, so only the latest information is presented. Project managers can use tags and filters to select only the data required for each report.  

Using this feature, users can generate reports for both clients and stakeholders, providing them with the information that matters to them. Set different KPIs for different projects, and report on each one in the way that suits you the best.

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