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5 top tips for managing multiple projects

Managing a project can be challenging enough. Managing multiple projects within the same programme or organisation can be even harder, especially when there is some crossover, with resources being spread across two or more projects. If you are juggling multiple projects, then here are five top tips to help you keep those balls in the air.

Keep everything in one place 

It is vital to have a way to manage all your projects in one virtual space. This gives you an easy overview of each project and how they fit together.. It also allows team members to manage their time and respect the time of others. Verto project management software allows you to coordinate multiple projects, with welllaidout dashboards that give everyone a clear visual representation of what is happening with each project, who is responsible for what, and what current workloads might look like for team members.  

Start your projects off right 

A good launch is essential.  With multiple projects on the go, it is more vital than ever to have detailed project plans from the beginning. Make sure that the goals, deliverables and responsibilities for each project are carefully defined at the start. The outcomes and timeline for each phase of each project should be clear to everyone involved. Again, the right software can make this seemingly complicated process surprisingly easy, providing an overview of how all the moving parts will fit together.  

Set your priorities 

Prioritising projects is a valuable skill. Some projects will have a bigger, quicker impact on organisation goals, and those should be the ones that are given priority. It is also possible to set priorities across multiple projects, as long as you have that clear overview in place. Look at the programme or organisation as a whole, and assess the impact of the projects being implemented.  This will help with everyday priorities when it comes to execution and task assignment. 

Manage team members’ workloads 

It makes perfect sense to have team members contribute their specialist skill set to several different projects as needed. However, to do this, with multiple projects running simultaneously, it is important to manage individual workloads and ensure that team members are not overstretched, stressed, and trying to decide for themselves what to prioritise. Verto software allows project managers to see at a glance how much work each team member has on their schedule at any given time, and how that might change in the near future, allowing for careful planning, and adjustments to reallocate resources as needed.  

Schedule carefully

Managing multiple projects takes careful choreography.  Verto software makes it easy to schedule projects with your full portfolio in mind.  It provides a coordinated overview of your various projects.  You can coordinate team members’ time and see which projects (and tasks within projects) are dependent on other tasks and projects being completed.  This visibility avoids duplication across projects.  It also allows team members to plan their schedules efficiently, as they can see what to prioritise when they have a long task list spread across different projects. 

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About the author – Laura Watts

Laura is the Marketing Manager at TMI Systems Ltd., working predominantly on Verto 365 and closely on the Microsoft partnership enabling the platform to be used in its entirety from Microsoft Teams. Laura and her family moved from London in 2021 and now live and work in Gloucestershire.