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ISO 27001 certification

TMI Systems Ltd. are the creators of Verto 365, the collaborative work management platform and Microsoft Teams application, that helps organisations of any size manage their work from one place for improved efficiencies, productivity, and collaboration.

London April 17, 2023. TMI Systems Ltd. (TMI), the Verto 365 developer and choice of work management platform for much of the UKs public sector, has today joined other major organisations, in gaining their ISO 27001 ISM certification.

Verto 365 has long been known for its strong reputation within both Local Government and NHS organisations, and more recently as a growing presence within UK Central Government and now private sector organisations. With the recognition of ISO 27001 ISM’s globally acknowledged certification, Verto 365 can now add having the highest level of Information Security practices to their armoury of assets, being able to protect information and data from external threats. The boost in trust from this achievement will be seen as a major step forward and set Verto 365 up as an even more attractive solution to manage working processes in many organisations.

We are a small organisation and therefore understood how much value the ISO 27001 certification will bring to our customers, current and future. By dedicating the time from a select group of people within the organisation to own the process of getting certified and train the wider team, we now have a robust set of protocols in place that everyone recognises and adheres to.

Paul Hill, TMI’s ISMS Manager

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) rates an organisation’s ability to manage risks related to the data and information held by that company to an internationally recognised standard, ensuring best practice is at the heart of their data management. The standards provided by the ISO 27001 framework ensure the safeguarding of information and assets and makes the process easier to manage throughout.

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About VertoCloud

Working with over 100 organisations to help them to deliver their objectives, Verto 365 offers a bespoke experience catering to all forms of work management. Beginning with Workspaces to manage tasks on visual boards that can be shared with colleagues, Verto 365 can also be configured as a single system for effectively managing the delivery of complex projects and services. Verto 365 allows for project control and governance, positive working cultures, and collaboration to thrive by providing the chance for organisations to build logical processes through a central repository for all documentation and make reporting for senior managers and stakeholders easy.