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The new Verto 365 app is now available to access directly from within Microsoft Teams for the NHS

December, 2021 

Today, the Verto 365 App has been made available to install from within the NHS Microsoft Teams app store for all NHSmail users. 

Verto 365’s availability marks a significant step in the development of the app, as it makes access to powerful work management software within Microsoft Teams widely available for NHS organisations to use within the familiar platform. 

Microsoft Teams was adopted by the NHS in March 2020 as a way to improve collaboration methods in their fight against Covid-19. Now, with increased access to detailed tools for managing projects and programmes of activity, including the use of dynamic dashboards, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, risks, benefits, finances and every detail needed to successfully run projects and programmes on any scale, the NHS workforce will be able to improve efficiencies across departments for those working within a set of complex structures and working styles. 

Greg Patel-Harris, Corporate Systems Manager at West of England AHSN says

Following the Verto365 demo, we’re really excited at the prospect of using Verto’s project management tools straight from MS Teams without having to navigate from one platform to another on a web browser. It’s going to make managing projects a lot simpler for our staff and we anticipate greater engagement from it!

Why it’s important

Microsoft Teams users can now access all project work from within the familiar Microsoft Teams platform, where workforces spanning industries already communicate and collaborate (especially as hybrid or remote-working teams). This means there is now no need to navigate away to manage your workstreams, share documents, and control and report on data. This is further enhanced by the use of a seamless Single Sign-on process eliminating the need to remember and input login credentials across multiple platforms each time you want to access your project information.

The benefits of integrating this effectively with Office 365 are also evident when uploading/downloading documents directly from/to your OneDrive folders from Verto 365, minimising interruptions to your flow of work.

What’s next

Verto are user-led in their approach to continuous improvement and are excited to work with their existing clients, already making use of Verto 365, for the next phases of development. The Verto team are already planning to begin incorporating their platform into more of the Microsoft suite of tools once the technology is further developed and ready for them to do so. As a small and agile company, Verto are one of the first organisations to exploit the new opportunities that Microsoft’s deep integration abilities now offer, and by simply asking, “why not?”, they have re-designed Teams into a fully functioning project, programme and work management platform to bring ease and simplicity to organisations’, often complex, working practices.