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Verto 365 announces Workspaces – powerful work management tools within Microsoft Teams

Verto 365 is a work collaboration and project management application that flexes to suit multiple ways of working.

January 2023

Today, Verto 365 launches Workspaces for Microsoft Teams – dedicated areas for productivity seekers to group Kanban Boards by project or related tasks and use them in ways that suit their individual style of working.

The dramatic shift in ways of working over recent years has provided a much clearer picture of how people work together, and robust Kanban functionality has been propelled as part of a solution of tools to tackle collaboration challenges within the workplace for many industries and sectors.

As Microsoft Teams usage grew, to help accelerate communication processes during a time of much re-ordering of working styles, Verto 365 also saw an opportunity to provide their whole work management tool set for use directly from within Teams. Now users can achieve much more within the one central digital workspace, whether they’re in the office, the field, or operating a hybrid or fully remote working model.

We saw that by fully integrating with Microsoft Teams, we could improve the way our valued customers used and interacted with Verto 365. Now, through the offering of Workspaces, we’ve made managing work tasks simpler within the workplace

Chris Wright, Managing Director at VertoCloud.

Verto 365’s integration with Teams allows users to experience Verto’s full range of capabilities directly from where they already spend much of their workday collaborating with colleagues. Not having to jump between platforms to achieve work tasks or gather and input data saves time, improves productivity, and better guides the flow of work through the organisation.

However, enhanced Kanban functionality is one tool that can be used by people across a vast array of roles and at all levels, helping to organise and manage simple activities right through to more complex tasks by holding information and documents. Easily one of Verto 365’s most used and popular tools, users can manipulate their boards to suit the work they’re doing, the type of task they are undertaking, or the speed at which they need to complete activities.

The Verto 365 app enables teams and organisations of any size to define and control the way they handle work tasks and activities, with Kanban functionality as a great example”, said Ben Summers, director, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Platform Marketing at Microsoft. “By using Verto 365’s complete set of tools within Microsoft Teams, users can improve their collaboration and productivity within the place they already manage much of their work.

Chris Wright, Managing Director at VertoCloud.

With better options to handle work tasks inside the platform people are already using, Verto expects to see productivity rise as people manage, track, and report quicky and easily on all elements of work within Microsoft Teams. Verto 365 Workspaces are available for free through Microsoft AppSource. Users can enjoy up to three of their own Workspace areas, housing as many Kanban Boards as needed and a total of 250 cards across all boards.


Notes to editor

A free version of Verto 365 is available via Microsoft AppSource. A tailored demo with the team at VertoCloud is also available via the ‘Contact us’ link on the Verto website. For more information, visit the AppSource page to begin your free trial:, or find further details about Verto 365 with Microsoft Teams here:

About Verto

Verto 365 is a scalable work collaboration and project management application that provides flexibility and simplicity for any type of organisation of any size. Verto 365 now provides users‘ the ability to manage and deliver project work directly from within Microsoft Teams in a more connected, collaborative and communicative way across departments and businesses for a more productive workforce.