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Verto 365 is the solution to managing complete projects through Microsoft Teams

Today, VertoCloud (Verto), the cloud-based project management and work collaboration platform, announced the development of Verto 365, a transformative new option for workforces from any organisation, of any size.

What is Verto 365?

Verto 365 is a revolutionary new offering from the Verto team, who previously brought VertoGrid to many organisations. The new development allows for complete project management, from traditional to agile, from within a Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) window, including the use of Kanban-style boards and dashboards, files, Gantt charts, resource planning, system and process management data, risks, reporting, benefits, finances and every other last detail needed to successfully run projects and programmes on any scale. 

Why is this different?

The creators of Verto 365 have turned their thoughts to the users of their platform and identified the dramatic uptake of MS Teams in the past 12 months. By allowing the tools to be fully operational from within a much loved and widely used platform, such as MS Teams, Verto itself takes a back seat for its functionality alone to shine through, and to simply act as the asset it intended to be, to those delivering the work. 

Ross Mardell, VertoCloud Development Director says “We really had to take a step back and look at the pitfalls of large system implementation. Then we had to consider what would increase productivity for a huge number of end users, all with vastly varying skillsets and embedding Verto fully, within Microsoft Teams was the best answer. This is not about selling Verto, this is about improving the ways in which we work, for everyone” 

What are the benefits?

  • Using Verto 365 within MS Teams allows for complete co-ordination of projects run throughout any organisation of any size with Office 365 already implemented with minimal disruption and marginal change. 
  • This is not integration, where systems are just able to connect with one another. Verto 365 is one of a new breed of app with the ability to embed itself completely within the MS Teams system as if the functionality of your existing MS Teams account just had a radical upgrade. 
  • There will be no need to leave MS Teams to sign into Verto 365, or set up a new project or dip out to tweak or manage any settings through Verto 365 or any other system. It will appear as one, single platform for all tasks to operate from within.

How does it work?

The developers at Verto have re-built much of the internal mechanism for it to sync with the exact configuration of MS Teams. Specifically, this is the addition of OpenID, a piece of sign-on source code that matches the particular nature of the Microsoft product. 

Verto had identified the dramatic uptake in MS Teams users across many industries, including those within Verto’s existing client base, such as NHS organisations. Moving with the tide and listening to the needs of clients informed the direction of travel and led the team at Verto to create the opportunity for huge swathes of workers to begin simplifying their work, collaborate more efficiently and managing teams in a vastly more effective way through the use of Verto365.