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Verto 365 leads the charge for a new generation of Microsoft Teams supporting apps

December, 2021

Today, the Verto 365 App for Microsoft Teams, that provides a solution for any organisation to manage complete projects and programmes, launches on the popular collaboration platform.  

Verto 365 marks a significant shift in user experience as there is no need to navigate away from MS Teams to log in to Verto or manage any aspect of the project process from within the main Verto site. Everything can now be done directly from within MS Teams. For those not using MS Teams, Verto 365 is also available via a web browser, showcasing the updated view and all Verto 365 functionality as found within the MS Teams app.

Now, with the Verto 365 app, Verto users can install the project management software to be used in its entirety from within MS Teams. The app allows for complete project management in any style from within MS Teams, including the use of Kanban boards, flexible dashboards, Gantt charts, risks, benefits, finances and every detail needed to successfully run projects and programmes on any scale.

The Verto Playground is a Verto 365 free trial option where users can test and learn by viewing huge amounts of sample project information as well as being able to input their own test data to get to know the tools in their own time. The Playground is available for an unlimited time and includes all functionality across both the web and MS Teams views.

How it works in Microsoft Teams

The significant change for Single Sign-on solutions (SSO) is the use of Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology, Open ID Connect (OpenID), which allows a website to fully interact with an organisation’s active directory. 

Microsoft has developed its own Graph API, an exciting tool which allows an application to read information the users have access to, and act on behalf of the user within the Microsoft platform. This enables automation and makes syncing data across platforms, a reality.

Why it’s important

Verto 365’s seamless SSO process eliminates the need to remember and input credentials across multiple platforms each time you want to access your project data. And by accessing all your work from the familiar Microsoft Teams platform, where the majority of your teams’ communication and collaboration already takes place (especially as a hybrid or remote workforce) there is now no need to navigate away to manage workstreams, share documents, control and report on data as well as maintain effective communication via chat and links with your team members and their activities. The benefits of integrating this effectively with Office 365 is also evident when uploading/downloading documents directly from/to your OneDrive folders from Verto 365, minimising interruptions to your flow of work. 

Verto 365, as a solution, is an innovative and revolutionary way of using developments in back-end technology to benefit users by improving their individual work management habits. And it’s far more than just integration. Verto, as a small and agile company, are one of the first organisations to exploit the abilities of the Graph API for their users. By asking “why not?” the entire Verto system can now be embedded within Microsoft Teams as a fully-functioning platform to bring ease and simplicity to organisations’, often complex, working practices. 

What’s next

Verto are user-led in their approach to continuous improvement and are looking to their existing clients, already making use of Verto 365, to suggest the next phases of development. Certainly, as Microsoft’s Graph API continues to expand, Verto will use Open Data (OData) to incorporate their platform into more of the Microsoft suite of tools. For example, by using OData, the Verto team will soon enable the use of PowerBI for teams to produce data reports in real time, and embed the resulting dashboards directly into Verto. 

Verto already envisage a shift in user behaviour where dashboard views become dominant in project delivery, as the scope for interaction and management into all project areas through dashboard data, improves. And Verto fully intend to be a major player behind that shift.