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Programme Management Software that works for LEPs

The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership is recognised for excellent programme management. They are an award-winning partnership, managing millions of pounds of government funding for local initiatives. The LEP uses Verto to enable successful delivery across their programmes.

The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (The LLEP) aim to make their region the destination of choice for successful businesses. To achieve this aim, the LLEP funds a number of projects and programmes through their own grant schemes.

Before implementing Verto the LLEP relied on Excel and Word documents, which meant that the PMO had no clear oversight across the projects.  In reality, this made it almost impossible for them to view all of the LEP’s outputs and outcomes in one place.

Manage and track programmes

The LLEP wanted to be able to easily track cost against original funding applications and proactively manage and report on each programme, to ensure that the agreed beneficial outcomes were delivered to the region.

The information in the system allows the LLEP to easily manage its budgets. Grant recipients can claim via Verto and the team can authorise claims quickly, which benefits both them and the organisations they fund.

Because the team only input data once they are saving a huge amount of time. Rather than searching through documents they can now see it all on one screen. With centralised and standardised data, they can also run reports at the touch of a button.

Reporting at the touch of a button

Verto Executive and Government Reporting provides essential accountability and evidence for each of the funded programmes. The LLEP has introduced reports that can be generated in a single click,

The LLEP recognised that they needed a more robust way to manage public funds and give them easy access to quality management information. Verto’s dashboard means the PMO team can easily see the status of all their programmes and projects. This is helping them prioritise their efforts and manage risk.

The LLEP now has all their programme data in one place, providing instant access to information on project progress, achievement and costs. There’s no confusion over version control or data sorting to achieve a clear situation report.

The team at the LLEP now have a clear view of each project’s whole cycle.  They can easily monitor and track risk and progress through to project delivery and monitor the outcomes. At any time, the team can easily see if a project is meeting its expected targets in terms of outputs, outcomes and spend.

The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership case study can be found here.

As well as the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership, the Black Country Consortium Limited also use Verto. If you’d like to discuss ways to achieve recognition for excellence in programme management for your Local Enterprise Partnership, please email TMI or call 0118 334 6200.  For more information visit TMI Systems and Verto.

Teams use Verto

About the author – Laura Watts

Laura is the Marketing Manager at TMI Systems Ltd., working predominantly on Verto 365 and closely on the Microsoft partnership enabling the platform to be used in its entirety from Microsoft Teams. Laura and her family moved from London in 2021 and now live and work in Gloucestershire.