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The Challenge Behind System Implementation

The Challenge Behind System Implementation

Implementing a new system can be exciting, but daunting if it doesn’t quite come together for your organisation. It’s all about finding synergy between your people, processes and the technology identified. So here’s how Verto 365 breaks down the barriers to make that a reality.

Finding the Balance

It’s not enough just to invest in a great platform. Your system needs to work for your internal processes, your company structure, and perhaps most importantly, your people. Finding this balance is important and each component has to gel in order to make it work. 

Meeting your Process Needs

Probably the first thing you’ll consider when looking at implementing a new system is whether it can fulfil your company processes better than your current system. Here you’ll need to consider:

  • What features does the new system have?
  • How do all these features work together?
  • To what extent can users collaborate with each other?
  • Will it enable you to make company processes more efficient?
  • What benefits will it actually bring to your organisation?

Verto 365 is a work management and collaboration platform that works both from a browser, featuring dynamic dashboard functionality and new features that make the process of managing projects simpler and more logical for everyone, and importantly it now fully integrates with Microsoft Teams, coming with all the same features and tools. Think interactive gantt charts and Kanban boards, alongside reporting and benefits tracking, all for use within your MS Teams platform. 

Meeting your People Needs

 In order for your new system to benefit your organisation, it has to suit the working styles of its users. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What tools and methods are your people used to using?
  • Are there any existing processes that could be streamlined with the new system?
  • To what extent do your people need to collaborate?
  • To what degree will your people make the most of the system’s capabilities?

Integration is key to get right for your people to maintain their flow of work. A break in activity to navigate to another system to perform the simplest of tasks is annoying and takes people out of productivity. This is why apps that fully surface within popular collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams are performing so well, as everything can be done from one single platform. 

Verto is Improving the Microsoft Teams Offering

Here at Verto, we’ve directed our attention to joining our system with the MS Teams platform completely, in order to improve what it can do for the benefit of all the users spending so much time on the platform. 

Verto 365 embeds into Microsoft Teams, expanding the functionalities within MS Teams. As a small and agile company, Verto are one of the first organisations to exploit the new opportunities that Microsoft’s deep integration abilities now offer, and by simply asking, “why not?”, they have re-designed Teams into a fully functioning project, programme and work management platform to bring ease and simplicity to organisations’, often complex, working practices.

It is true ‘integration’ meaning MS Teams users can expand what their system can do, making use of Verto’s tools within Microsoft Teams itself. When using Verto 365, you won’t even know you’re using Verto, but rather a radically upgraded version of Teams.

Seamless Integration

Verto’s fusion with MS Teams creates a version of Teams equipped with a range of work collaboration tools. Instead of running two separate systems (Teams and your work management system) Verto 365 enhances the existing MS Teams system with all the tools you need to work collaboratively. The end result: one system that does everything.

Working from one system removes so much of the lag and blockage caused by flicking between two. Utilising a range of tools and functions that work in tandem with each other saves everyone time and effort. Forget importing data from one into the other, with Verto 365, it’s all there in MS Teams.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues with new system implementation is getting your people to adopt it. Organisations often struggle to understand how their tech works, but this issue is negated with Verto 365. No need to learn a system from scratch, all that’s needed is to explore the new features of MS Teams that Verto 365 provides. 

About the author – Laura Watts

Laura is the Marketing Manager at TMI Systems Ltd., working predominantly on Verto 365 and closely on the Microsoft partnership enabling the platform to be used in its entirety from Microsoft Teams. Laura and her family moved from London in 2021 and now live and work in Gloucestershire.

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