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How Verto can help your team avoid working in silos.

Verto is our innovative cloud-based solution for programme and project management. It uses one unified platform to bring the delivery and stakeholder communities together.

To give a clear visualisation of projects we have two popular methods of viewing information (although the Verto system will let you create any number, depending on your own requirements). Firstly, we have a network visualisation, and secondly programme reporting.

By offering individuals a bird’s eye view of the ways in which their work impacts on the wider project ecosystem teams are encouraged to work together and individuals to step out of a siloed system.

Network Visualisation

We show the interdependencies in a spider diagram – not only does this make it simple for project managers to see where connections exist, but also for all affiliates involved too.

A further feature of our intuitive network system is one which allows you to be able to create dependencies based on any of your project elements, for example, tasks/ milestones, risks or issues allowing you to assess the impact of decision making with all the information needed to make an informed choice.

Programme Reporting

Our platform is based on the premise that every project is part of a hierarchical structure. One example would be a portfolio consisting of several programmes each with multiple projects at different stages of implementation.

Laid out in a hierarchical manner, our colour-coded system makes it easy to get a clear picture of how all the projects inside of a programme are performing, even at a quick glance. For each project and programme and their individual elements, we include a RAG status which gets updated as-and-when any changes occur.

By being able to see all this information in one place, you can act quickly and concisely to rectify any problems that may have occurred at any of these levels. Our system also enables effective communication between relevant project managers, team members, or stakeholders who need to be kept up to speed.

Using Verto makes collaboration more straightforward and efficient, helping you eliminate a lot of the potential bottlenecks in bringing your project to a successful conclusion. Try our 60-day Free Trial and see how Verto can support your organisation today.

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About the author – Laura Watts

Laura is the Marketing Manager at TMI Systems Ltd., working predominantly on Verto 365 and closely on the Microsoft partnership enabling the platform to be used in its entirety from Microsoft Teams. Laura and her family moved from London in 2021 and now live and work in Gloucestershire.