Denbighshire County Council case study

Verto Project and Performance in equal measure

Denbighshire County Council have been using Verto for their project management for many years now. But as well as mapping and managing the types of large and complex project work expected of a Local Authority organisation, Denbighshire place great importance in tracking all outcomes from each and every project delivered, and have a dedicated arm of the business looking after the measurement information around measuring all project performance through Verto.

The council has recently renewed its Verto contract, which will see the council move into its next 5-year plan as an organisation.

The ongoing work

They required one complete system that would help keep control of all the council’s frameworks, of which the main document is the current 5-year Corporate Plan running from 2017 to 2022. The plan concentrates on  5 priority areas, as set by the council, and have been worked on from both the project and performance divisions, all through Verto.

To shape the next plan, the views of the public, stakeholders and staff via surveys, and the learnings from previous consultations will help structure the priorities moving forward to identify what ambitions should be set for the next 5-years. But as well as looking to the next, the current plan also has to be closed off appropriately, which requires functionality from Verto to aid with the coming together of all activities within the time frame, whether the 2017 ambitions were met, and what benefits can be realised.

Our Solution

Having one single system was key to house all the strategies across all priority areas. While Verto was already being used to help run projects, Denbighshire then decided to work closely with Verto on the performance side of things.

They were instrumental in assisting in developing a new build of customised performance management tools that complemented the project tools they already used. While many companies either focus on the projects or performance, and therefore either look for a project system provider, or performance system provider, what Verto can deliver is the opportunity to do both and have all information being fed into, and reported on, one central reservation.

The future

The platform continues to be ever-evolving, the system has to remain logical, up-to-date and useful to the teams who are using it.

The project team are currently in talks with TMI to further develop aspects of the Verto platform, such as reporting and specific language used that reflects terminology that makes sense internally at Denbighshire. Once this is complete, the performance team will also work with TMI to match their functionality in order to maintain a streamlined and intuitive set of tools.

Teams use Verto

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