silhouetted woman with fist in the air to show success with reports and work management

Ever had a job like this?

Rebecca is the programme manager at Beckstead County Council (BCC). She oversees 53 projects that are delivered through the eight departments of BCC.  Add to that, another seven partnerships the council is a member of.

As part of her job, Rebecca has to provide reports on these projects at regular weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual intervals. On occasion, she also has to produce reports for specific council and partnership meetings.

The reports are read by people from a wide range of organisations that work at different levels, from national through to local interest group level.

As the reports serve different purposes for different audiences, the information they contain and the way in which it’s presented also needs to be different.

Time is a precious resource.

While Rebecca oversees the projects and has responsibility for compiling all the reports, different departments and organisations deliver the projects. This means information is in different places and there are wide differences in how it’s recorded, costs are calculated and outcomes are measured. This makes it very hard to interpret project data, make comparisons and reconcile spend with budgets.

As you can see, Rebecca’s job is no easy task. She has to compile the reports manually, which takes up a significant amount of her time and means the reports are never completely up to date. She’d also like to spend more time doing other, equally important things. For example, Rebecca would like to identify where projects overlap and how they can work together more. She knows this would help make significant savings that the council and its partners could then invest in other work.

If only…

If only Rebecca had an easier way to compile her reports.

If only Rebecca had Verto.

Her job would be so much more productive.

So, while hard-pressed Rebecca and the stretched BCC are fictitious, the problems they face are all too real.

Happily, Verto is real too. With Verto as your online project management system, you can:

  • Standardise how you record project data
  • Make comparisons and manage the relationships between your projects
  • Build your reports to include meaningful information you and your stakeholder need
  • Develop more detailed reporting and more proactively manage risk
  • Produce real time reports at the click of a button
  • Quickly and easily share your reports with project stakeholders

To find out more about how Verto can help with your project management reports please call us on 0118 334 6200, message us or sign up for a free 30 day trial!