Managing tasks for multiple roles with Verto 365s new Workspaces

Are you looking for a logical way to keep task information together while also tracking your progress and the progress of others? Verto’s Workspaces are collaborative and comprehensive to save you time and effort.

Overloaded with To-Do Lists?

Verto’s Workspaces are the To-Do list that everyone can use.

Workspaces group related work types by containing carefully organised Kanban Boards that arrange activities in one place, free from the clutter of manual working.

Kanban boards can be broken down into lists so you can arrange your tasks in a specific format. The most commonly used list arrangement to help you to visualise progress is to name them: ‘To-Do’, ‘Doing’ and ‘Done’.

Each list holds cards that track all your tasks by including details of progress, importance, urgency, timeframes and collaborators in one place. Prevent messy working practices creeping in by including any documents and information needed to complete the work in the same card, for easy locating at any time.

Collaborate with your hybrid-working team

It’s easy to assign tasks to individuals and access all the up-to-date, relevant information on your tasks from wherever you are located. Filter by urgency, department or any number of configurable options that suit you, your Workspace, and your team.

Now with the new Feeds feature, Workspace users can quickly see all the tasks relating to them, pulled from all Kanban Boards across their Verto platform by simply clicking the Feeds button at the top of the screen. This feature enables you to focus on your activities, aggregate and filter in the way you need to see your work or prioritise.

Do all this from Microsoft Teams

You can do much more from within Microsoft Teams than ever before.
Bring your Workspaces into the Microsoft platform by getting the Verto 365 app, which allows you to do all your task management and complete your activities from one place.

Start for free within Microsoft Teams

  • You can turn on Workspaces from Microsoft Teams, or from your browser, for free and begin to use straight away.
  • Get the free app from the AppSource within your Teams window or click the TRY FOR FREE button below and follow the signup process.