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Any software can only do its job once it’s actually in use. Resistance to change is natural, and to be expected, but technological change is, of course, essential to progress, so it is important to create buy-in and enthusiasm within your organisation when adopting new software.  Presumably the whole reason the software was purchased in the first place was to make life easier or better somehow.  So with that in mind, here’s our five top tips for getting software adopted in your organisation without creating a mutiny…


1. Choose carefully 


The first step is to choose the right software. You want something that is easy and intuitive to use, that perfectly meets the needs of your team members, and that doesn’t cause a lot of stress and inconvenience during the install and transition process. You don’t want to put people off from the start by having the transition to new software be a hassle in itself, and once in place, you need the user experience to be excellent and intuitive. That way, using the software becomes its own reward, as day-to-day work becomes easier, without a huge learning curve.  


2. Understand your people 


Within any organisation, there are those who resist change and those who embrace it. Among your employees, there will be natural innovators and early adopters who love to try out new technology. There will also be the early majority who like to see a software tested out by a few others before adopting it themselves, the late majority who like to see the whole system well-established before it becomes a regular feature in their daily lives, and the laggards who will hold onto their familiar technology for as long as possible, resisting anything new. 


Understanding who is who in your organisation will help you to plan training, encouragement and rewards. Pay special attention to team selection when using new software for projects. Remember that the first project team will become your champions and advocates for the new system. 


3. Emphasise the benefits 


You have introduced this software for a reason. It’s going to make a lot of other busywork, from time-consuming reporting procedures, to attending meetings and making endless phone calls, easier or unnecessary. Make sure that your employees appreciate this. Explain and demonstrate benefits clearly and get very specific about how this will improve the workflow and decrease stress. Focus on how the software is going to solve the existing pain points experienced by the whole team. 


4. Get training in place 


One of the most important aspects of introducing new technology is adequate training and familiarisation. Spending some time and resources here is worthwhile, to ensure that everyone knows exactly how to access, use and benefit from the new system. The right training can also encourage buyin from everyone involved, as you demonstrate the real-life benefits and timesaving properties of the new system. 


5. Monitor and refine 


Monitor how the new system is working, collect feedback and refine details. Software systems are made to be customised, to meet the needs of each organisation. Listen to your people and tweak the way that you use your new software to ensure that you are fulfilling the needs of diverse team members.  


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