Verto is our innovative cloud-based solution for programme and project management that uses one platform to bring the delivery and stakeholder community together.

One of the great strengths of our platform is the ability to provide project managers with a visual presentation of the connections between ongoing activities at every level within the purview of the project management team. As most project managers will know, being organised can be a defining factor as to whether or not a project has a successful outcome – we here at Verto know the struggle, which is why we want to make life easier when it comes to staying on top of things!

Our platform shows the interrelationships between the tasks within a project and the connections between the projects that make up a programme. We make it easy for project and programme managers to look at the hierarchical structure of their areas of responsibility and see where interdependencies exist.

An easy-to-understand spider diagram is how we achieve this visualisation – not only does this make it simple for the project manager themselves to see where connections exist, but also for all affiliates. This diagram shows the working status between portfolios, programmes, projects and tasks. Along with this, it reveals the interdependencies between any elements within programs and across projects, programmes and portfolios. For example, our network diagram can show how the risk associated with one project is related to reaching a milestone in another project or how current issues in one project affect an ongoing task in another project.

Our network diagram makes it clear to all project managers that they are part of a team and are not working by themselves, as we show how all the activities that people are working on are interrelated. This way, we make sure that everyone sees the big picture, resulting in better cooperation all around.

“At this level the application can be configured to your specific organisation’s needs”

The system is based on the premise that every project is part of a hierarchical structure. At this level the application can be configured to your specific organisation’s needs, for example, you can show several portfolios and the inter-connecting programmes and all their related projects and tasks.

Using Verto makes it easy to visualise the progress of each programme, project and task and understated the progress and stage for each item in the network. We give you a visualisation of how everything is connected, something that would be extremely difficult to do manually if you have, for example, 50 projects on 50 worksheets. That level of administration just isn’t feasible for even the most organised people out there!

Our platform produces authoritative reports that present information in a manner suitable for official reporting for any government oversight or regulatory agencies. It is simple to see the status of each project, identify any current issues, determine the costs for a specific timeframe and see if any projects are running at a deficit. Reports can be fully customised to show exactly the information that is relevant to your project.

Our network system displays both bottom-up and top-down information, allowing project managers to see how all activities fit together and how changing a deadline for one activity can affect other activities within and between projects. We make it easy to collect the information required to determine how to allocate resources effectively so you can spend your time being productive!

Using Verto makes collaboration more straightforward and more efficient, helping you eliminate a lot of the potential bottlenecks in bringing your project to a successful conclusion. Try our 60-day Free Trial and see how Verto can support your organisation.