Bid, Award and Grant management with Verto 365

Verto 365 enables organisations to manage the entire grant management process. Through our intuitive management, tracking and scheduling software, you can streamline each stage and maintain workflows to a successful outcome

Grant management software for those with funds to manage

Organisations that manage funds often do so for businesses within their local area, such as LEP’s who work to ensure economic growth in their local areas to sustain the communities they serve. They work through grant applications and allocate the available funds to those projects that will best benefit the region. Beyond the submissions, a complete grant management process then whirrs into action to ensure the money is being used effectively and as intended.

Agile Working Team

As a grant donor, here are some areas to consider

  • Setting parameters for applicants
  • Setting realistic grant amounts
  • Evaluating bids
  • Researching and understanding specific project and organisation applicants
  • Selection process
  • Legal process around disbursing the funds
  • Monitoring how funds are spent
  • Regular reporting to assess progress / Final report
Verto Dashboard Savings Report

How Verto 365 can help

Verto 365’s holistic set of tools can be configured to take your organisation through the entire awards lifecycle. From managing applicants’ documentation and assessing each bid to reporting insights from each applicant’s project successes, Verto 365 has it all covered. Here’s some of the ways Verto 365 can help:

  • Complete document management is available to help organise everything needed into one place from application forms to financial and operational statements, from applicants to make the selection process easier.
  • The network mapping tool shows interdependencies between applicants’ projects to understand the knock-on effect of grant disbursement.
  • Detailed reporting tools can be generated with configurable access to slice and dice information as it is needed. Verto 365’s reporting process is simple, so you spend even more time on deserving applicants.
  • Risk management and early identification of risks and issues can be displayed visually using the RAG (red, amber, green) method for a proactive response to lessen negative impact. It is visually impactful so you can spot a roadblock early and spend less time on problems and more time on solutions.
  • Gantt chart software helps you keep a project on track. The feature is configurable and displays the project milestones in a visually impressive format. Delays can cause problems if not handled correctly, but with the off-set dates function, whole timelines can be pushed back at the click of a button.
  • Detailed reports can be generated to show a snapshot of progress, where money has been spent and what has been most impactful. Or slice and dice information, which is useful to show just what’s needed.

External Forms

On the flip side, those applying for the available grant funds face a whole different set of tasks and need to be able to successfully work with the public body right through the process to its completion. That is why Verto 365 has created External Forms.

Now, any organisation issuing grant money can work with Verto 365 to create a set of externally facing documents for applicants to complete that will then feed the information into their internal Verto 365 system.

In the case of grant management, initial submission forms and reporting documents to show progress throughout can be designed and implemented for the organisation to use as part of the structure for effective management of the grants they manage.

Grant Application Form