It’s almost impossible to pinpoint one single technology that has changed the landscape of project management due to the sheer volume of tools that are available today.

Let’s begin with one of the most common forms of technology that is used in practically every business – emails. Not only is it convenient to send information that is easily tracked (through email threads), but it also reduces the necessity for continuous physical meetings. Everything you need to pass over, even if that’s a text file, spreadsheet or slideshow, can be sent via email.

With so many tools at the disposal of the project manager, you’re almost spoilt for choice! Software, such as our Verto cloud system, can be used to quickly and efficiently allocate new tasks to employees while giving them all the information they need. You can track the progress of these tasks and swiftly communicate with your colleagues should anything go awry.

One of the key problems that destabilise even the best-planned projects is miscommunication. Before the invention and implementation of the various technologies which are available today, misunderstandings would have been far more common. With the prevalence of instant messaging, and real-time, up-to-date contact, these problems have been significantly reduced.

The need for live updates has been met by recent technological developments. If any issues arise, they can be easily located, diagnosed and solved before they get out of hand. This goes hand-in-hand with improved communication – the fewer contact issues there are, the less likely it is that there will be any problems over the project’s lifespan.

A point touched on earlier is the movement away from physical meetings. This frees up time for the people who are working on the project, the project manager themselves, the client and the stakeholders. It also means that less time is wasted checking the clock or worrying about missing the start of meetings!

Instead of having to call a meeting every time one of the team or the project manager needs ideas, it is now possible to have those ideas sent to your phone or computer via instant messaging. These conversations are all trackable, so if you forget what was mentioned, you can simply scroll back through the conversation to find what you’re looking for.

Before technology took off, if you were unwell or couldn’t attend a meeting due to other engagements, you would have to sit and trawl through pages upon pages of minutes to get back up to speed, wasting vital working time. Nowadays, you can be present in a meeting even if you aren’t physically there! Video calling has become ubiquitous in project management and the ability to type up meeting notes and send them to employees means that everyone can keep up with the assignment.

Our cloud-based software allows a company to allocate its resources more efficiently. Until recently, dedicated project management software was often too expensive to implement except for larger public organisations or very profitable private companies. Try our 60-day free trial now and see how Verto can support your organisation.