reporting turns collaboration into successful project delivery


Successful project management is about a lot more than sharing a discussion. That’s why specialist project management software is growing in popularity  in spite of the availability of basic online workspace collaboration and free file sharing systems.  We take a look at how the reporting ability within simple project management systems like Verto can help turn collaboration into successful project delivery – because who doesn’t want a bit of help?




Simple collaboration and file sharing tools are great for getting a conversation going.  But what happens when that dialogue needs to morph into a real deliverable project? It’s really at this point that you find out that you need a tool that can host and encourage discussion  – or integrate with your chat function (for example as Verto does with Slack) but can then guide you through the processes of turning that conversation into business cases, tasks, milestones, resource plans and give you a clear picture of everything in one place.


That’s not all though.  One key difference is the ability of simple collaboration tools to harvest and securely store data that can then be reported on.  When a lot of corporate decisions are about value for money and delivering quality and efficiency, it goes that being able to report to stakeholders on progress, resources and where interventions might be needed is pretty vital.  For some stakeholders, the reports that they see may be their only window to the organisation’s programmes and projects.


Here we highlight why reporting is such a key difference between collaboration tools and next level simple project management tools.



One major advantage of simple but specialised project management software is that it gives you the ability to report to project sponsors simply and easily. For those who still remember the “old days” of wading through long, dry, written reports, 21st-century technology is a huge step forward. Reporting has evolved to allow for condensed information, easy-to-assimilate visuals and notifications of important project updates that land on your phone or other mobile devices in real time.




As technology gets more complex, reporting gets less so. Software allows you to replace those lengthy reports with accessible charts, tables and other visual elements that quickly present all vital information. You can customise project management software to ensure that sponsors and other high-level stakeholders regularly get updates that matter to them and that those who require an immediate response receive it without ever having to deal with extraneous or redundant information.




The fast pace of the modern world means that it is important to prevent slowing down workflow with bloated or unnecessary processes. Trends in reporting are constantly moving toward presenting the right information to the right people at the right time. This information should make sense to non-technical staff and stakeholders, even when the information itself is technical or complex.




Verto simple project management software offers a range of reporting options aimed at keeping communications streamlined and effective. Providing comprehensive reporting from the product itself, as well as the opportunity to integrate it into third-party reporting engines, Verto opens up various choices for people managing projects. The software features easy-to-use reporting options that are ideal for keeping your management team up to date on events, milestones and risks without the need for detailed input from sponsors. You can also customise this software to let sponsors respond to issues when their input is necessary.


On the go


Mobile apps now allow teams managing projects to access an unprecedented level of flexibility. Offering on-the-go updates, requests for approvals and knowledge of risks, mobile reporting allows teams to easily collaborate on making the right decisions for their projects in a timely fashion. Customisable apps facilitate instant notifications that not only concern the project’s current stage but also the various decisions needed for the next stage. The right app can clearly present the required information for making the next logical decision on a particular project, whether it is to progress to the next stage, end the project or inject more resources for successful project completion.

The VertoGo mobile app offers immediate updates for your project management team with the additional options of notifying sponsors of changes and gaining their approval while they are on the move. VertoGo is now available for both Apple and Android devices. For more information click here or contact us and we can arrange a quick demo for you.