silhouette person jumping in front a mountain sunset Outputs, outcomes, key performance indicators, national indicators, costs, savings… the list goes on. When you manage programmes, there are so many different things you need to monitor, count, measure, compare and report on. So it can be difficult to show how your work is value for money and making a difference, both to improving services and to people’s lives. 



You know what you need to achieve. But you also need to know that all the energy, time and resources you put in to your projects are actually helping you succeed.


The difference between outputs and outcomes


The key to knowing if your projects are succeeding is how well you can make a direct link between your outputs – the immediate results you see from a single activity – and your outcomes – the difference your project makes in the long term.


For example, let’s say one of your projects aims to reduce the number of people in a particular area who have high blood pressure. One of the things you could do is run an awareness-raising workshop to educate people on what can cause high blood pressure and what they can do to avoid developing the condition, or to reduce it if their blood pressure is already high.


The number of people who attend your workshop and so now have a better understanding of what causes high blood pressure and how to treat it is an output.  If ten of these people then take action and succeed in reducing their blood pressure, that is an outcome.


How Verto makes this complicated process easy


When you use Verto to help you manage your projects and programmes, you have them all in one place. This can be from a project’s conception and business case right through to its conclusion and evaluation.

Because of this, it’s easy to adopt standard ways of working and present all your projects’ data in the same way. Verto then makes it easy for you to link, extract, compare and review inputs, outputs and outcomes, and monitor progress against your original aims. With Verto you can also produce real-time reports at the touch of a button.

Ultimately you have one clear view across all aspects of a project and all the different projects that make up a programme.

Crucially, these standard ways of working also save time, both for your project management office (PMO) and those working on individual projects. In fact, we’ve helped our clients’ PMOs cut their costs by up to 25% and save up to 30% on their projects’ resources. Across all our clients, Verto is currently tracking £1.3 billion in planned savings.


The right Verto for you


It’s really easy to configure Verto to match the way you work in your organisation. With Verto you can clearly define the outputs and outcomes for each project. Then you can track each project’s progress and see real-time updates on any aspect of any project at any time you choose.

As well as allowing you to measure how your projects perform against your internal indicators, Verto also allows you to measure how your projects perform against external indicators. So you can monitor how you perform against national averages and when compared with your peers.

This can help you target areas where you need to improve, both in terms of performance and spend.


To find out more about how Verto can help you manage and report on your programmes email us or sign up for our 30 day free trial today!