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Local partnerships to improve health and care

NHS organisations and local councils in England are joining forces to coordinate services to operate for the health of the population, allowing people to live healthier lives and get the care and treatment they need, in the right place, at the right time.

This means every part of the NHS, public health and social care system are being asked to continue and seek out ways to connect, communicate and collaborate so that the health and care needs of people are met. It will require health and care services, local government, NHS bodies, and others to work ever more closely together.

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The integration challenge doesn’t need to be challenging!

Verto is meeting this challenge by providing a versatile work collaboration platform which connects ICS partners

Vertogrid provides each ICS member organisation with their own Verto platform to manage work, projects and programmes locally, whilst connecting them to a regional ICS platform for joint working and reporting.  

Verto has established long-term relationships from working with clients within the healthcare sector over many years. This deep understanding of the sector means Verto’s capabilities reach far beyond just what the software itself can provide. Verto is currently utilised by many NHS organisations across the UK, from CCG’s to AHSN’s as well as ICS’s, where they are already in operation. Read more about the work we have done with NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG on our case study. The platform is also a trusted partner within many of the UK’s local government bodies. 

Verto is a system that grows as it is needed. It is not a one-size-fits-all option, but instead a platform that fits into the environment in which it needs to operate and can be created as place-based joint working dictates and evolves. Verto, can help form the connections needed between the local and health organisations simply, to make the change, work.  

Verto is the solution

Verto is a collaboration tool that delivers complete flexibility for a connected workforce. The platform supports the need for a joined-up approach to improve communication and transparency and is already the chosen partner within many NHS and healthcare organisations across the UK.

The technology allows communication to flow freely across departments and project teams via the cloud-based functionality, providing staff with information faster and the ability to connect across wider teams. Verto tools collate data from various, existing systems used in the workplace, and succinctly amalgamate it in one central hub allowing for standardisation. From there it is easy to track, manage and report on. Crucially, for the planned ICS developments, Verto allows access and the sharing of working documents needed for cross-functionality projects across the separate organisations, while each holding their own customised version of Verto.

Using Verto, ICS member organisations can operate dynamically to align with changing priorities and to suit the varying styles and local characteristics. It is scalable, so the platform can be built to meet exact requirements at each specific stage of the collaboration journey. Verto’s collaboration, connection and communication tools can scale up or down quickly as the ICS NHS body takes shape and their needs change.

The UK-based support team at Verto offer a ‘no-barriers’ approach and are there to help, explain, demo, and suggest during times of the day that work for UK organisations, and not just at the point of sale. Verto’s team is large enough to handle any challenge but small enough to provide personal levels of support throughout their time using Verto’s platform.

A team using the Verto system to the benefit of their project management

What Integrated Care Systems can expect from Verto

Verto provides end to end project management tools, whether you are planning for the next meeting or orchestrating company-wide initiatives, to help map out and manage the population’s health in a fluid and more connected way.

Verto allows for a fast set-up where data from existing systems can be inputted quickly with help from the Verto team. Data and records can then be stored and managed in one centralised hub. The workflow can be organised in the way that best suits, with specific stages and approvals set as needed for the flow of information to make sense and inform the right people at the right time. 

  • Issues or risks within the workflow can be spotted easily and tracked to prevent delays or errors. When a risk is flagged, the right people or teams are notified. The risks can be tracked at a programme, project or individual level or can be measured based on competing timelines, for example. It is completely customisable depending on the requirements of the work being undertaken.   
  • Plans can be visually mapped using interactive Gantt chart feature. Pull plans from MSProject to easily filter and drill down within the chart to access and amend parts of your project, bringing you up the data you need to see from a particular point, quickly.  
  • Dependency mapping tools provide a comprehensive mapping tool called VertoSense, to help you see what impacts your project risk is having on another milestone.   
  • Budget management software to track cost benefits is available that holds powerful integration technology across several financial operating tools. Full transparency, improved governance and accuracy is gained by holding all financial data on Verto. 
  • Document management functionality allows all project work to be stored in one centralised hub for teams to access, manage and work on online so updates are instant and there for everyone to see without delays. The unlimited cloud-based storage solution reduces duplication of work and a full audit trail is available to access older or changed versions to make collaboration simple across organisations.   
  • Notifications can be set and customised to update you when you would like. Similarly, notifications can be set at a team level so members can be held accountable for their actions.   
  • Resource management can track team member time and help assess, visually, their time restraints and availability. Likewise, timesheet tools can also be performed within Verto to show time allocated vs actual time spent. The system will pull project data through, linking it to the correct team member, saving time and effort. Finally, performance management can pull together complete project data to measure against pre-set KPI’s while also being able to track against other organisations.   
  • Standardised reporting. With one tool housing data from multiple systems and sources, pulling reports takes less time and the information is harmonised. Reports are visually appealing, show risks/issues instantly and provide a level of transparency across the teams, organisations and stakeholders who require them.
  • Powerful dashboards provide a snapshot of how the work is progressing in the moment and allow users to track processes, identify risks and see everything in one place. All data inputted into the Verto system is automatically delivered into a dashboard, which is then customisable, from choosing the layout and widgets that best suit your project and team.  
  • Simple and effective tools for managing activities within a project such as Kanban-style boards are available for the day-to-day user. Allocate tasks, retain information, set deadlines, and store documents for specific activities and see progress of activities through to completion in an agile way and see all information from these boards automatically pull through into a dashboard to help you keep track of it all.

Verto sits at the centre of your work and has the power to pull data in from other sources, providing a simple and easy to use central repository that grows and flexes depending on the needs of your organisation.  

We welcome the opportunity for a call with you to arrange a demo for you and your team.

From our clients

East Cheshire CCG | Verto
“One of the key factors in choosing Verto was that it was in use at NHS West Cheshire CCG so we could see in detail how it was working and how good it was. West Cheshire were very impressed with the system and support.”
“In particular, we could see how using Vertogrid would enable us to run programmes and reports cross-organisationally whilst retaining all the individual configuration of our own system. For us this was the best of both worlds and, combined with its ease of use and depth of functionality, it wasn’t a difficult decision”.

ICP Development Senior Project Manager at NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

“With the flexibility of the Verto system, developing our local instances in partnership with TMI has enabled the development of a virtual team across organisations within our Health and Care System. This is key for the future in terms of integrated working and system development.”

STP Programme Manager – Herefordshire and Worcestershire

“The greatest benefits of Verto are the ability to share, view and edit programme information without fear of losing anything, instead of multiple spreadsheets and word documents, there is a single view of information that is entered in the system and saved automatically.”
“The TMI staff are always quick and helpful when responding to queries, which is refreshingly different – there is no automated queuing!”

Programme Officer, Programme Management Office – NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove, NHS South Worcestershire and NHS Wyre Forest CCGs

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