Verto is a platform that enables flexibility for organisations to work independently but come together easily and seamlessly when required. Through the tools Verto provides, businesses of any size can build a system that is tailored to them and can also aid effective and efficient management of projects that cross organisational divides.  

Specifically relating to Integrated Care Systems, configurations such as Vertogrid can provide each ICS member organisation with their own Verto platform to manage work, projects and programmes locally, whilst connecting them to a regional ICS platform for joint working and reporting. 

Verto has established long-term relationships from working with clients within the healthcare sector over many years. This deep understanding of the sector means Verto’s capabilities reach far beyond just what the software itself can provide. Verto is currently utilised by many NHS organisations across the UK, from CCGs to AHSNs as well as ICSs, where they are already in operation. The platform is also a trusted partner within many of the UK’s local government bodies.