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Let's make project management easy

Verto is designed to help local authorities efficiently manage and effectively deliver their day to day services, business transformation programmes and capital projects.


Easy to use and with real-time dashboard reporting Verto gives you one place for all the key project documentation, clear tracking of benefits and risks, a comprehensive audit log of approvals and changes, a suite of visual ready to use reports and keeps all your team in touch wherever they are.

Let's make project management easy

Verto is designed to help Local Authorities manage and deliver their business transformation programmes and track benefits.

For the first time it provided essential programme governance, a real-time view of project portfolios for stakeholders and to quote; “a single version of the truth”
Today Verto is used extensively across Local government supporting collaboration and the management and delivery of project portfolios.

Verto enables Local Governments to

View interactive livedashboard reporting

Launch theirprojects faster

Work in oneorganised space

Keep everyonein the loop

Spend less time inmeetings catching up on‘where we are’

Manage risks, issues andmilestones in one easy touse system

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The benefits of using Verto

Live interactive dashboards

Live interactive dashboards give you, your stakeholders and teams accurate, up-to-date information enabling impressive presentation of key data to management teams.

Managing risks

Track and manage all your risks and issues in one place so that everyone is up to date. Dashboard filtering lets you spot projects that are in trouble so there are fewer surprises.

Work management for everyone

File sharing, document storage and templates for project teams to share.

Benefit management

Keep up to date and manage all benefits, savings, costs and spend straight from your home screen.

Tasks Milestones and Gantt charts

Verto makes it easy for you to create Gantt charts and track your teams work.

Team collaboration

Instant messaging and chat features together with alerts and notifications keep the whole team engaged and working together.


Create live and interactive dashboard reports at the press of a button and produce custom reports for your key stakeholders.


Verto is a complementary solution which can work alongside other systems in your organisations.

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That is why Vertoplus has been packaged, using existing templates and working governance models in use by over 100,000 users in the Public Sector.

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See how Verto can support your organisation

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Verto is trusted by over 100 public sector organisations