The goal of project management is to take a project from the planning stage to completion –smoothly, on time, and on budget. The process is supposed to take the stress out of running projects, not add to it.  

Mess is stress and chaotic project management can cause more problems than no structure at all. Having the right tools and software makes all the difference and if mess is stress then organisation of your projects should bring you closer to feeling on top of things.


Organise into one clear space

Some traditional project management approaches are surprisingly messy. The mess is often in the paperwork”, even if the paperwork is technically not paper at all any more. Digital paperwork can add a whole new layer of stress and mess to running your project, often in the form of version control. 


When you digitalise traditional project management techniques, version control can become a problem. Spreadsheets, data and documents need to be constantly updated during the project life cycle, and this means that there are often several versions of the same file floating around. No matter how clearly labelled these files are, it is easy for a team member to end up working from outdated information, which can impact the entire project. 


Email doesn’t help. When team members email each other, the email simply goes from one team member to another, and, of course, whoever else is cc’d in that email. With very small project teams, it might be possible to cc everyone. With larger ones, it becomes completely impractical, and time is often wasted simply working out exactly who needs to receive communication of each update.  With Verto, everything is contained within one system meaning your work continues uninterrupted.


Find your project management zen

Project management tools such as Verto can take the mess, and stress, out of your project management. They enable clear organisation of information with everything in one place. They create a simple, easy-toaccess work management hub for your project, which can be updated in real time by any team member.  


The benefits are significant, and concrete. Each team member spends less time tracking down vital information, checking that they have the correct versions of documents, and waiting to be notified of a finished task. More time is saved in not having to wait for approvals, or hunt around for data buried in spreadsheets or old emails.  


Updates are instant, and available to every team member. Using a project management platform such as Verto means that go-to information is all in one place, in its most recent version. Everyone can see at a glance what they’re responsible for, and who is responsible for other key tasks.  


Team members find that the right software takes the stress out of their individual roles. They can focus on delivering the work needed to achieve outcomes, without getting distracted with constant one-to-one communication, face-to-face meetings and tedious reporting tasks. The whole team is kept in the loop, with clear dashboards providing an immediate visual picture of the project, or indeed, multiple projects.     


Verto project management software gives teams all the tools they need to manage their projects easily and in one place. To find out more, contact us at register for our free 14 day trial!