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Welcome to our new partners as of Q2 of 2022

We wanted to share a warm welcome to those joining us in the last three months.

As many saw their ‘year-end’ come to fruition, it can often be a busy time for those we work with, and we see the activity and use of Verto rise around this quarter as organisations track and manage data from the past year.

Moving forward to Q3, we are looking forward to working closely with some Central Government organisations on Verto implementation, Verto’s roll-out to the wider organisation, and a collaboration of shared comms.

We are continuing to meet more staff from 42 newly formed Integrated Care Systems to understand their individual requirements to becoming joined-up entities.

The Verto 365 app for Microsoft Teams continues to see uptake as more individuals take advantage of the Verto Playground, a free version suitable to everyone, whatever their level or size of business they work for and keep an eye out for some development updates coming soon.

Q2 / 2022 - New clients


Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Frimley Health Foundation Trust: Committed to serving the local population by providing health support and guidance to those in most need of the services they provide.

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Middlesex University London

Middlesex University offer a personalised approach to learning. Their students get skills for life to stay ahead in a changing world.

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Local Government

Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership

Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership aim to be the healthiest, most sustainable, inclusive and growing economy in the UK.

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Local Government

West Midlands Combined Authority

The West Midlands Combined Authority is a combined authority for the West Midlands metropolitan county in the United Kingdom. Building a better connected, more prosperous, fairer, greener and healthier West Midlands.

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