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Designed for teams

Verto 365 is a work collaboration platform for use in Microsoft Teams or from a browser. Designed for teams requiring a better way to run their commercial engine, by improving processes and collaboration methods that leverage capabilities and enable the smooth communication of procurement matters.


Verto 365 is flexible and scalable to suit all working practices in organisations of any size and complexity. Simple activities can be tracked and managed in our latest venture; Workspaces, which are now free to use from Microsoft Teams. Use to group like-minded Kanban Boards holding all your tasks for a simple and visual way to handle your work.

Procurement Management

Larger organisations looking to manage more complex project work around the procurement function can take advantage of the tools that can track the management of goods, products, and services coming in and out of the business, keep on top of the spend strategy, and keep each stage of the procurement process on track. Verto 365 emulates the working processes you already have in place so you maintain the practices that bind you as an organisation, while having the advantage of new tools and technology to simplify the flow of work

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