Building a new home online for construction companies across the country

The construction industry is continuing to brave a storm following uncertainty during Brexit negotiations and safety standards needing to take a dramatic step up in recent years. Now, the current Coronavirus Pandemic is creating yet more vulnerability within the sector.

However, the vital work in both commercial and residential construction is being addressed. Many are now keen and eager to return to work, while a housing boom is playing catch up. Both are racing against time before the end of the stamp duty holiday in March 2021.

All of these macro factors will impact the construction industry in some way. How will you manage all these moving parts in your company?

Verto is a solution-based platform

Verto ensures a smart project management solution for the construction industry, whether building commercial infrastructure or new homes and communities.

Streamline workflows

Verto’s Kanban boards offer a completely agile and configurable way of monitoring any activity, meeting or project. Flexibility is key and the easily moveable cards on the Kanban-style board can include a range of entries to provide a team with the most comprehensive view of their workspace. 

Understanding the workflow from beginning to completion is vital to ensure procedures and compliance are met within construction projects. Gantt chart software is configurable and displays the project milestones in a visually impressive format. Delays due to uncertainty can cause problems if not handled correctly, but with the offset date function, whole timelines can be pushed back at the click of a button.

Collaborate seamlessly, anywhere

The VertoGo mobile companion app will keep you on track when not at your desktop. Site visits or meeting external stakeholders won’t slow down the approval process, and you will still receive notifications when aspects of your project change or need attention. 

Complete document management is available to help organise everything needed into one place, providing access rights to the correct people through permissions set via the desktop or app. If multiple versions of contracts are going back and forth during a time of negotiation, complete version control is there to access any amendments made throughout the whole process.

Reporting Software Header Graphic

Manage and report the data that matters

Detailed reports can be generated with configurable access to slice and dice data as it is needed to be shown. Verto reporting means your team can be a step ahead of issues, and provide solutions quickly, instead of just problems.  

Managing risk and uncertainty will be key to pick up and deal with early. The Issues and Risks functionality alerts the user to any overwork, delay or dependency issue through the network mapping feature.  

Risks & Issues

Track the progress of projects in real time, identifying risks along the way. Early detection of risks can be managed and mitigating actions put in place to suppress the likelihood of them becoming an issue, therefore lessening the negative impact on the business. Verto 365 has tools for risk preparation and management, helping project managers stay on top of upcoming hurdles.

The powerful Network mapping tool helps you to understand interdependencies between projects. Teams can share risk by understanding the knock-on effect of an issue, and act early to minimise the impact on the wider business.