Untangling the Healthcare Sector’s complex ecosystems

NHS organisations are using Verto to transform the way they work by streamlining large-scale projects and reporting with ease.

Designed to be Flexible

Verto has been working closely across the network of organisations that make up NHS England and NHS Wales. By gaining visibility into the roadblocks they encounter, Verto offers a stand-alone set of tools for project management and a bespoke solution that is designed to flex and grow as each healthcare organisation requires.

Verto is fast becoming the chosen solution for much of the NHS’s project management needs, as more arms of the health network implement the Verto platform or the Verto 365 app within Microsoft 365, Outlook and Teams.

As a UK-based and founded company, Verto maintains its supportive function for the NHS (the UK’s biggest employer) by providing ongoing, quality customer care to all users across the sector.


Our dashboards provide a single, interactive, view of the project as a whole. Reporting is simple as data is centralised, so the customisable dashboards can incorporate any information from across the platform. They provide the reader with an easily digestible page of information from which to filter. Verto’s dashboards and reports reflect the needs of your team, your stakeholders and those of the entire organisation.

Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire West Integrated Care System was calling for a system that standardised their reporting methods and created transparency to view and manage multiple projects across the board.

Find out how Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire West ICS tailored Verto system to match their specific requirements by reading their case study

Risks & Issues

Track the progress of projects in real-time, identifying risks along the way and planning contingency strategies ahead of time. Early detection of risks can be managed swiftly before they become issues. Through agile risk management and preparation, Verto helps to keep your project on track.

Health Innovation West of England approached the team at Verto for help managing their large-scale and diverse projects. Where risk is likely but scaling prevents transparency, keeping their stakeholders up to date at all times throughout the project was key. Through effective risk management, Verto made that possible.

Find out more about the specific challenges Verto helped Health Innovation West of England overcome in their case study.

Visibility of Information

Verto acts as a central hub for you to store all your project documents. Retrieve all historical versions and track all updates made, making your approach to collaboration simpler by avoiding multiple versions of the same file.

With all documents securely held in one place, team members requiring access and visibility to project information will find data easy to locate and simpler to manage.

Document control was a major requirement for Cheshire & Merseyside ICB when their PMO team had a complete overhaul. They used Verto to effectively control documents arriving in different formats through various channels, which standardised and coordinated the bulk load. This enabled them to access information quickly and report effectively.

Find out how they use Verto for managing their documents and more in their case study

A team using the Verto system to the benefit of their project management


Reports are completely configurable and can be generated at any stage of your project. Depending on the team or the need from stakeholders, reports can highlight different levels of data to stay relevant and precise when needed, while being visually impressive for the reader.

The Innovation Agency – an AHSN for the North West Coast – was expanding rapidly and needed a system that was able to replace their ‘multiple-system-overload’ and ‘level-up’ for the introduction of a much larger team to use one, best practice, cloud-based solution. Previously, data was held on spreadsheets, which made reporting an awkward task and restrictive for team collaboration. The Innovation Agency now use Verto, which promotes team integration across projects, governance is now tighter, and reporting is seamless and easy for any member of the team to generate.

The Innovation Agency has used Verto to benefit their work in many other ways. Read about their journey here.

Verto Kanban Boards

Our Kanban boards offer a visual window into specific tasks within a project or activity. This method is agile and easy to read for quick decision-making, and visibility into issues and risks for a fast turnaround when it matters. Whether you use them to organise a workflow or assign tasks to different areas of a project, Verto’s Boards will help you streamline your tasks.

Click here for a glance into the different Verto packages that are designed to suit any organisation style and size.

Verto Pro solutions

The fast pace in which NHS England operates is often in response to new initiatives set as part of government aims and changing procedures. With Verto Pro, our team can act as a collaborative partner to tailor a solution en masse. Whole systems can be integrated to work seamlessly as one, file-sharing apps can be implemented, while accessing the complete Verto suite of features.

Herefordshire and Worcestershire ICB are delivering a number of transformational programmes across several priority change areas, so a robust but agile project management offering was a necessity. Developed in partnership with ICB’s, Verto is a cloud-based system that connects separate entities by allowing local and regional teams to access a suite of Verto tools for everyone to have a full and clear understanding at each stage of the process.

Governance methods are easily implemented:

  • Quick auditing and approval tools that keep up project momentum
  • Resource management and timesheet implementation to ensure the team is working within capacity and at peak productivity
  • File sharing to suit requirements make documents in different formats widely accepted across departments
  • Dashboard functionality that updates in real-time to keep teams accountable
  • Bring Verto into the platform you’re already using by getting the Verto 365 app for Microsoft 365, Outlook and Teams
  • Standardise reporting for all levels to provide one single version of the truth as a click-of-a-button solution

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