Simplifying programme management across Local Enterprise Partnerships

Verto 365 provides like-minded organisations with the tools they need to connect effectively for the maximum benefit of their local area.

Verto 365 allows LEPs to be the crucial link for a sustainable future for residents and the local economy

Managing a web of clients, all with their own agenda and aims, can be a daunting prospect. While LEPs have the investment of their local area at the heart of their organisational objectives, providing the overall ‘good’ determined for the community isn’t always that simple.

To help the smooth running of all LEP priorities, Verto 365 can seamlessly enable high standards of project management practices to propel programmes forward, ensuring each party has the information they need to be successful along the way. 

Innovation Management
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Clear oversight lets LEPs focus on the bigger picture 

Verto 365 enables LEPs to stand out as central hubs for innovation and investment across the country by providing a simple, organised, co-ordinated one stop shop for projects and programmes

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Coordinate seamlessly across spectrums

  • Now more than ever, local governments are keen to maintain and grow their economies and get their local community back to work. LEPs provide a vital function in this, but organising beneficial links between private sector organisations is a complex task that needs coordination if it is to succeed.  
  • Easily monitor and track risk through dashboard filtering that lets you spot projects that are in trouble, cutting down on surprises. Progress swiftly through to project delivery and the measurement of outcomes.  
  • Verto 365 dashboards allow organisations to simply manage information that many stakeholders need to access. They show live data and update in real-time, so LEPs can hold all their programme data in one place and gain instant access to information on project progress, achievement and costs. If changes happen, your stakeholders and teams will still have accurate, up-to-date information in an impressive presentation format whenever they need it. 
  • Managing documents across the project is harmonious with Verto 365 as file sharing keeps documents contained on the same system, access rights can be set on documents, previous versions are saved automatically and can be easily accessed so it is a work management for everyone. 
  • Chat between your team members on the instant message function keeps your attention on the task in-hand as the instant message functionality is built into the system. The functionality keeps your team engaged and prevents time spent in unnecessary meetings catching up on ‘where we are’.

Reporting benefits realisation for maximum value add

Benefits realisation is a necessary method to measure success if planned and used in the right way. With so much at stake and multiple sector stakeholders keen to achieve their goals, a robust project management system for LEPs to quickly identify the value achieved by businesses within their network for the local area, is a must.  

Verto 365 contains all project work in one, organised space. A snapshot of a project’s progress at any stage of its development is simple to collate and a strength that LEPs can take full advantage of to track progress, benefits, savings, costs and spend from your home screen. Verto 365 provides a clear view of each project’s whole cycle from business case onwards. 

One touch reporting lets you easily see if a project is meeting its expected targets in terms of outputs, outcomes and spend. Reporting can be created at the press of a button from interactive dashboards, or tailor reports for key stakeholders using data useful to them. The feature is completely customisable.  

Integrations are possible that link with other business functions within your organisation. Maintain a level of reporting from a business level when you use Verto 365 as a complementary solution, which can work alongside other systems in your organisation.

A team using the Verto system to the benefit of their project management

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