Understanding the scope of work for Local Councils

Simplifying programme management across Local Governments

Local councils up and down the country face challenges specific to them and their local area. Verto is a project management solution that can cope with the wide range of activities each organisation tackles, by providing flexible and configurable software that is easy to implement and maintain.

Project Management with Verto – All for one, and one for all

Understanding the wide range of sectors, activities and initiatives that any one local government organisation deals with in a year is a mammoth task. Serving their local community is dependent on many factors ranging from geopolitics to community preferences and everything in between.  

At Verto, we understand the varying sticking points encountered by councils and have designed a single platform that will tackle each problem directly and suit a wide range of needs.  

As a UK-based and founded company, Verto continues to support the ever-changing needs of Local Government organisations and provides ongoing, quality customer care to all users across the sector.

Tailored features that suit individual needs 

view of the Verto 365 Dashboard


Verto’s dynamic dashboards provide a single, interactive, view of the truth. Create multiple, powerful dashboards from a huge range of widgets to capture your data in the best way that highlights progress made, areas of focus and stages of completion for your stakeholders. Configure them to your exact requirements and re-configure easily without needing to spend time on re-design or further data collation to create easily digestible information. From here, they can filter information to suit their needs at any given time.

Build dashboards for activities and workflows, or to capture projects, programme, or even complete portfolio data depending on the level you require.   

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Reports are completely configurable and can be generated at any stage of your project. Depending on the team or the need from stakeholders, Verto’s reports can highlight different levels of data to stay relevant and precise when needed, while being visually impressive for the reader. 

The City of Wolverhampton Council has 20 wards to structure and collaborate with to maintain its recent growth spurt. Their complex ecosystem also includes committees, directorates and services, which the council and partners require regular reports on, including the various programmes they are running. 

Verto’s dashboards were implemented for the members to grasp the information across all their programmes and workstreams quickly. Knowing the dashboards also update in real-time meant that rather than reporting manually on each one, they now automate and read efficiently for senior managers, leaving the officer to have a greater impact on the work itself.  

Risks & Issues

Track the progress of projects in real time, identifying risks along the way. Early detection of issues and risks can be managed swiftly, lessening the impact on the business. Verto has tools for risk preparation and management, helping project managers stay on top of upcoming hurdles. 

The Network mapping tool helps you to understand interdependencies between projects. Teams can share risk by understanding the knock-on effect of an issue, and act early to minimise the impact on the wider business. 

Often a local council’s primary goal is to keep costs low and deliver savings so money spent is impactful and can be used to make real difference within the area. This is the case with Peterborough City Council. The Council had 70 programmes in flight and needed to shift to ensure they were operating efficiently, with no unnecessary costs occurring. Managing a transformation such as this across so many projects needed more than emails and spreadsheets to keep teams accountable. 

Verto was chosen as we could provide a cloud-based application for programme and project management with reporting and work collaboration tools that enabled the council to align on goals, improve control and governance, save on reporting time and ultimately achieve the savings targets outlined. Read more in the Peterborough City Council case study.

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards offer a visual window into specific tasks within a project or activity. Agile and easy to read for quick decision-making, and visibility into issues and risks for a fast turnaround when it matters. Read more about Verto’s Kanban Boards to find out how they can help your organisation.

Document Management - Silos

Document Management

Verto is a central hub where all documents related to a piece of work can be stored however big the project and however many documents there might be. Folders and clever filing management systems can be created to keep all information in one place. The function to retrieve all historical versions of documents and track all updates made makes for a relaxing approach to collaboration and delegation. Read about the Verto document management and storage system here to learn how it can help your organisation.

Dudley Metropolitan Council used a series of software platforms to manage their programmes. With multiple stakeholders to report to, they found collating information to be a struggle and oversight of project work almost non-existent for managers. The teams needed one system that everyone could access, to a certain degree, holding all information, securely, in a way everyone was comfortable with. 

Consistency and cohesiveness needed to be implemented so the Verto system created for them contained all relevant information on one screen, eliminating any running around trying to locate necessary data. Now, having organisation within the Project Management teams has meant previewing what’s coming is possible and the managers have found there to be far better collaboration, communication and planning in place. Read the full case study to learn more.

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