Verto 365 is approved for 1.7 million NHSmail users

Bring more of your work into Microsoft Teams with Verto 365

The background

It’s been well documented how beneficial Microsoft Teams has been for the NHS. In 2021 NHS Digital successfully completed the migration of 2.1m NHSmail mailboxes over to Microsoft’s Exchange Online platform. Microsoft Teams was then rolled out to further improve collaboration across the service.

Our Verto 365 app, for Microsoft Teams, brings your tasks and activities into the platform and is now approved for use by The NHS Technical Design Authority (TDA) for all NHSmail users, where we join only a handful of other applications. 

We have now launched Workspaces, a free version of Verto 365 for use within Microsoft Teams, to help you handle work tasks and activities directly from within Teams, so there is no need to jump between systems to manage your work.


Workspaces are where you can collate, order, and tackle your work. You can maintain a Workspace for personal tasks to stay organised and on top of your own work, or share with colleagues to collaborate on collective work activities.

Your Workspace holds Kanban Boards which are the power tools behind your productivity. Add as many as you need to see your work move through to completion.

Simply head to Microsoft Teams, click on Apps, and search for Verto 365 to get logical ways to manage all your work without the need for IT support or further approval, and get started today.

Why it works

Following its dramatic uptake, a new range of powerful apps within Microsoft Teams that help you to achieve even more from one place began to emerge and we saw the opportunity for greater empowerment and productivity for those using Verto 365 through the integration. 

Organisations across many business sectors, have adopted Microsoft Teams to collaborate, unite colleagues and share data and information. Verto 365 sets out to connect even more than just the strands of communication required from office-based, hybrid or remote-working teams. Tracking and handling work activities in this way has not been seen before within Microsoft Teams.

Now, you are now able to access:

  • Enhanced Kanban boards to quickly and easily organise your work, keep on top of actions and visualise the progress across your work processes.  You can add as many boards as you like within each Workspace. 
  • Flexible dashboards which provide live, interactive views of data using a huge range of selectable widgets.

What’s next?

Verto is user-led in its approach to continuous improvement and is excited to work with its existing clients, already making use of Verto 365, for the next phases of development. As a small and agile company, Verto is one of the first organisations to explore the new opportunities that Microsoft’s deep integration capabilities now offer.

By simply asking, “why not?”, they have re-imagined Teams into a fully functioning work management platform to bring ease and simplicity to organisations’, often complex, working practices.