Bringing a cohesiveness to large-scale insurance project management

Verto is designed to connect the moving parts of insurance projects

Insurance is not straightforward. And now faced with split teams, remote working and varying degrees of connectivity between teammates, there seems to be a need to connect with each other like never before.  

And yet insurance policy enquiries and claims are on the up (especially in certain areas such as travel), so the systems in place must be able to handle the demand as well as ensure employees feel connected with their teams. In short, providing a smooth customer journey for all clients is more important now than ever before.  

Using old or multiple system set-ups can aggravate a remote workforce, creating disconnects that result in poor communication at best, and mistakes at worse. Cohesiveness is the answer, and at Verto, we can help you achieve that.  

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Innovation Management

How Verto can help bring a sense of comradery back to your business

Verto can bring your teams and their ideas together to provide a solution everyone is happy with.  

  • Verto Chat and IM streamlines conversation. Minimise confusing email trails and contain discussion topics based on a subject or a set of co-workers. Slack Integration is also an option to manage approvals, track project status and report in Verto, but from your Slack account.  
  • Project dashboards collate information from multiple data sources into one centralised hub. Updated in real time and with access management control, the dashboard view can instantly show a project’s progress, highlighting any issues before they become a problem. 
  • Verto’s document management software is secure and agile. Our servers and applications are thoroughly security tested and version control provides business continuity and easy access to all amendments made to any document. 
  • Verto boards offer a completely agile and configurable way of monitoring any activity, meeting or project. Flexibility is key, and the easily moveable cards on the Kanban-style board can include a range of entries to provide a team with the most comprehensive view of their workspace. 
  • Project risk management and early identification of risks and issues can be displayed visually using the RAG method, achieving a proactive response to lessen the negative impact. 

Use Verto to completely streamline project management in your insurance company, and utilise multiple agile tools to improve business cohesion. Could Verto be right for you? Schedule a demo with one of our consultants to find out.