What can we learn from the education sector?

The background

Some may not consider all the work that goes into ensuring students get the best experience possible during their education. Many will know there’s a lot of consideration put into student welfare, education itself, and maintaining an excellent staff of educators to prepare the next generation of society’s greats. But what about the running of the, often, vast organisations that power the hunger for success that these students have?

We, at Verto 365, are delivering a different kind of teaching for several higher education and university businesses who are seeking solutions to the project and programme management they embark on every day. Away from the rush of student activity, the departments that deal with large IT and estate programmes, admissions targets and long-term strategic plans and benefits realisation, require software to manage the delivery of the work associated with those tasks. This includes managing the quantity of documents and information produced, the collaboration efforts of often large teams of people, and delivering the reports expected in the format needed for many stakeholders inside and outside the organisation.

Planning for greatness

The ‘backstage’ workforce holds many tiers of admin structure and support skills, and deal with big budgets, capital building spend, huge ambitions, and targets.  And these all need proper handling and be reported on to avoid overspend and steer away from problems before they arise. Which is why the tools Verto offers are so important, providing the essential visibility required at all levels.

Tailored features that suit individual needs 

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards offer a visual window into specific tasks within a project or activity. Agile and easy to read for quick decision-making, and visibility into issues and risks for a fast turnaround when it matters. Read more about Verto 365’s Kanban Boards to find out how they can help your organisation.


Verto 365’s dynamic dashboards provide a single, interactive view of the truth. Create multiple, powerful dashboards from a huge range of widgets to capture your data in the best way that highlights progress made, areas of focus and stages of completion for your stakeholders. Configure them to your exact requirements and re-configure easily without needing to spend time on re-design or further data collation to create easily digestible information. From here, you can filter information to suit their needs at any given time. Build dashboards for activities and workflows, or to capture projects, programme, or even complete portfolio data at the level you require.

Reporting Software Header Graphic


Reports are completely configurable and can be generated at any stage. Depending on the team or the needs of stakeholders, Verto 365’s reports can highlight different aspects of data to stay relevant and precise when needed, while being visually impressive for the reader.

Risks & Issues

Track the progress of projects in real time, identifying risks along the way. Early detection of risks can be managed and mitigating actions put in place to suppress the likelihood of them becoming an issue, therefore lessening the negative impact on the business. Verto 365 has tools for risk preparation and management, helping project managers stay on top of upcoming hurdles.

The powerful Network mapping tool helps you to understand interdependencies between projects. Teams can share risk by understanding the knock-on effect of an issue, and act early to minimise the impact on the wider business.