Want to use Verto and Slack? We’ve got that covered

We've brought Verto and Slack together so you can get the best of both.

Verto is a pretty amazing work management and collaboration tool.  But say you’ve already got your team using Slack?  They no doubt like the cool retro coloured interface plus the fact that it’s pretty slick at what it does best – instant messaging and simple communication.  It’s great for conversations.

Yet beyond this, there’s more in depth work and projects to be managed.  Projects that need a clear governance and approvals process, tracking, risk management, reporting, the stuff Verto does really well.

The good news is that Verto works seamlessly with Slack so you can:


  • Link your Slack and Verto accounts together
  • Manage your Verto approvals from Slack without needing to log in to Verto
  • Add projects, tasks, risks and issues to Verto from Slack
  • Link channels to Verto projects and retrieve and publish project information to the channel
  • Receive notifications in Slack when there is activity relevant to you in Verto. For example, say you are heavily invested in Project X staying on schedule.  You can set up a change notification on that project so that Verto will ping you a message to let you know if anything changes so you’re bang up to speed.
  • Check on your Verto work assignments in Slack
  • Go straight to an individual project in Verto from Slack
  • Work in Slack, report through Verto

We haven’t stopped there.  You’ll be able to push your Slack conversations into Verto projects, pull files and PDF reports from Verto and add them to the Slack document store.  You’ll also see in Verto which of your projects are linked to Slack so you can manage your Slack link from Verto.

We think that bringing Slack and Verto together is a smart move and one that will enable you to plan, collaborate and deliver like never before.

To find out more about how Verto can help you stay on top of your work sign up for a free trial  or get in touch with us at info@vertocloud.com