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Agile project management Tools

Unlock Agile with Verto

Are you a project manager, team manager, business lead or CEO?

If so, the concept of agile project management or agile working will have likely come your way. If you are looking to streamline the way your projects are managed, or hoping to achieve your desired outcome in the most effective way, you’ve come to the right place.

Agile project management is a way of working that involves a more flexible approach to project-based tasks. By decreasing the scale of a task, testing and then receiving feedback quickly, teams can pivot earlier for larger engagements before too much has been done. 

Bringing the team together to work on individual tasks breaks down a larger, more daunting engagement, making everyone accountable and motivated to do their part. Within an agile environment, benefits can often be realised along the way, rather than waiting for them to be identified at the end of a project. 

With the whole team empowered, adaptable and working quickly and flexibly, you’ll find yourself with a more engaged and happier workforce. 

Agile Working Team

Empower your teams with the tools they need

Working with agility enables businesses to cover more ground more quickly when working towards a goal, business outcome, or benefit for the organisation. This can be done in different ways, each coming with its own set of terminologies such as: 

  • Backlog – A list of prioritised deliverables or features to be implemented within your product or service 
  • Kanban – Tools to enable full transparency of work done in real-time and open communication across the whole team 
  • Kanban board – A visual page of progress and development of work. Lists contain cards, holding all the relevant information on them. When the work moves to the next stage or is completed, the cards progress through the board to show the exact stage of the project in real-time
  • Lean – A way of working to promote a team’s focus on a project by working quickly, eliminating unnecessary tasks and using continuous improvement to maintain productivity in future tasks 
  • MVP – Minimum Viable Product. Creating the bare minimum product/service first, to test whether there are any issues, roadblocks or unforeseeable items before spending time, money and resource on the final product.  
  • Scrum – The framework needed for a sprint to take place. The scrum provides the team with the space to test the product and hold regular meetings to discuss progress 
  • Sprints – The timeframe in which a short piece of work (or development phase of a project) is completed, usually 1 week to 1 month in length. This is designed to break down a large project into bite-sized chunks 
  • Velocity – The measure of work done within a single sprint. The scrum uses this measurement to improve the framework for the next sprint as a method of continuous improvement 

Customise Verto to the way you work

Agile project managers, while handing a lot of autonomy over to the team, need to be well-informed and hands-on to ensure their sprint is a success. Verto boards offer a completely agile and configurable way of monitoring any activity, meeting or project. Flexibility is key, so the easily moveable cards on the Kanban-style board can include a range of entries to provide a team with the most comprehensive view of their workspace. 

Verto’s project dashboard functionality and visually impressive reporting tools can easily track and report at multiple levels in real time. Capturing all data within one, cloud-based system enables benchmarking to be established early on, and reporting becomes one single version of the truth to be presented at any stage of your project. 

Project Management with Verto 365 – All for one, and one for all

Understanding the wide range of sectors, activities and initiatives that any one local government organisation deals with in a year is a mammoth task. Serving their local community is dependent on many factors ranging from geo-politics to community preferences and everything in between.  

At Verto, we understand the varying sticking points encountered by councils, based on our extensive experience in working in the sector, and have designed a single platform that will tackle each problem directly and suit a wide range of needs.  

As a UK-based and founded company, Verto continues to support the ever-changing needs of Local Government organisations and provides ongoing, quality customer care to all users across the sector.