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Verto is for Everyone

Habitual and Consistent Project Delivery

Imagine if you approached project delivery using the same process every time? A routine you could rely on. You could realise benefits faster, set continuous improvement goals, and improve the predictability of results.

With Verto Project, you get a logical set of project management tools that remain consistent, so you and your team can remain focused and in control of your output.

Leading From the Top

To maintain strategic alignment with your leadership team, it can work as simply as using a shared Workspace to store all governance and operational details. Providing visibility of the plan helps drive accountability and empowerment as your colleagues feel included within the decision-making of the whole organisation.

As a business leader, implementing a single platform across departments defines best practice and instigates commonly used terminology throughout the organisation. Furthermore, ROI improves with the more staff using the same tools leading to profitability and reduces platform confusion by holding more work in one place.

These activities can bind a team and help to drive productivity as everyone is kept on the same page. Verto’s Workspaces are used to map, store, progress and share data and information in a visually appealing way.

Simple to Implement, Simple to Use

The demands placed on IT teams are shifting and a greater knowledge of how each team works is now required, not just what they do. Maintaining a positive digital employee experience (DEX) means IT need to have in-depth knowledge of employee’s technology requirements, rather than just selecting the first/cheapest platform on the list. This challenge can be minimised when flexible tools are implemented that seamlessly integrate with a large number of preferred technology options.

Verto Project is a shift in thinking that provides a fixed and stable set of project tools to maintain an approach to project delivery so users can trust the process and in turn, teams can be trusted to deliver. We’ve found many project teams are still using spreadsheets to track and manage data and information, and email for resourcing and communications, which feels out of data and unreliable. Verto provides a world of consistency and reliability to teams working on projects, campaigns, events, activities and initiatives.

Verto Helps You to Manage Your Tasks

Methodical ways of working through task lists that span multiple activities or departments is a common challenge to get on top of, which only few manage to get right. For the rest of us, a way of working that helps to bring together related work to arrange in a way that makes sense to us, the users, is the method supported by Verto.

Verto Workspace is for those who have several lists, or list-making skills that vary depending on what meeting you’re in. It’s for those who use multiple platforms to manage different tasks and enter platform confusion when struggling to locate the information they need to do their critical work. It’s for those who like to see work progressing through to completion, not just see words on a page.

Verto Workspace is a collaborative tool that can be used on its own, for individual tasks or shared with a team. What’s more it’s included within the Verto Project package which adds agile methods to an otherwise fixed set of tools for those to need to collaborate, work on smaller project tasks, or just break away from the project process.

Use directly from within Microsoft Teams to minimise the platforms you’re using when managing projects and all other work.