Innovation Management

Verto supports innovation management within your business

Innovation management doesn’t need to be elusive within your company. Managing the processes that lead to successful innovation can be made easier with the tools that Verto provides.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the process of driving meaningful change. It is not limited to large-scale business practices and does not simply end with money being saved. Innovation can culminate in time-saved, improvements-made, and happiness-met for anyone, anywhere.

With such a wide scope of innovative behaviours to realise within any single business, Verto has a number of tools at its disposal that helps you identify, tackle and manage the process of innovation for your company, end-to-end.

The tools for change

Verto comes packed with a host of features that improve the ability to get the job done.

Verto is a viewpoint that generates agile working practices throughout your project teams. The Kanban-style board helps you see actual progress through the project process as you move cards, packed full of the information you need, across the board until the work is complete. 

Maintain an organised document storage system within Verto One, and keep track of changes made to every document across any stage of the project. Chat freely to those with access without clogging up your inbox and get notified of any change, addition, or approval at your desktop, or on the go, through the companion app to help maintain your level of involvement. 

Verto supports collaborative working for those working together or remotely. Verto has other offerings should the need arise for larger programmes of work. Gateway stages are used to house organised workstreams for larger projects. They can be set to have all activities requiring completion and approval, clearly showing the work moving on to the next stage. The flow of information is clear, and the right people are identified along the way making time, culture, knowledge-sharing and information flow more efficient. 

This process can be used time and time again for future programmes of work, simply by renaming the gateway stages to suit the next piece of work. This consistent approach helps bring people together providing a common way of working, making people accountable and engaged in their slice of the action.

Engagement in a person’s work is only brought about when there are clear lines of communication, the free-flowing share of information and ideas, and the understanding and a common working together towards a clear goal. Verto’s system facilitates these identifiers, reducing individual ways of working that may not align with the rest of the project team’s way of doing things. 

Siloed working practices are ironed out and solo operational workers are brought into the fray, providing the whole team with clarity. Using one system means that the data inputted will be compatible across the organisation.

Benchmarking can then be used to gauge areas of improvement and goals being achieved faster and more efficiently for all stakeholders. Reporting will be understood across multiple departments and generated quickly as the information is already captured within the system.

Innovation Management Chart

Starting small

Business innovation doesn’t need to be a mammoth task. Small changes can add up to a significant shift in the happiness index within your organisation. Process management is one step to tackling multiple reasons for moving towards an innovative workforce, and Verto provides the tools to get you there.

What else can Verto do?

Verto has fully configurable workflow so that workspaces and projects can move through defined stages and approvals. The workflows can be set up in multiple ways by different teams and departments across the organisation according to project size and complexity. They can be customised to incorporate approvals and a complete audit trail.

  • Verto boasts powerful reporting at multiple levels
  • Export in different formats including Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, TIFF etc
  • All reports are run in real-time, so only the latest information is presented
  • Use ‘tags and filters’ to ‘slice and dice’ the data as much as required
  • And use our data extracts for tools such as PowerBI, Tableau and QlikView

Verto’s benefits realisation feature records quantitative and qualitative benefits which are then tracked and reported against at multiple levels, via the dashboard and comprehensive reports.

Financial management allows users to track cost profiles over time, providing full transparency on project spend. Financial integrations with systems such as SAP, Oracle, Pegasus, Agresso,

  • Manage and track scheduled and planned resources including heatmap views
  • See where each resource is planned and current utilisation percentages
  • Actively monitor resource allocation and capacity for any given day
  • Assign rate cards to resource roles and specific time periods
  • Full Timesheet management and approvals down to task level
  • Link project outputs to performance outcomes and KPIs across the organisation
  • Create performance groups and objectives to ease the management of multiple KPIs
  • Compare performance against other departments, services and organisations and track progress
  • Produce custom reports, plans and graphs tailored to suit each organisation’s needs