How different industry sectors use Verto

Verto 365 supports complete end-to-end contract management

Verto 365 offers contract management software to help you organise, maintain and account for all aspects of contract management and the procurement process. 

Keeping on top of every last clause 

Successful businesses operate to do big business with others, and that includes contracts. Management of contracts can be a demanding aspect of those business transactions. 

Imagine the steps taken just to get to the contract stage: 

  • Identification of a need
  • Research into relevant offerings 
  • Price comparison 
  • Research into specific products or services needed 
  • Pitch processes 
  • Negotiation stage 

But once you have the contract ready, it also needs maintenance: 

  • Are the deliverables being supported? 
  • When does the contract run out, will you renew? 
  • Price comparison 
  • Relationship management with supplier 
A team using the Verto system to the benefit of their project management

Luckily, Verto 365 has several tools that can help you with your contract management strategy from the very start of your project, to the very end

Handling all aspects of the contract and procurement procedure 

Procurement departments deal with much more than just the contract management of goods, products and services coming in and out of the business. Spend strategy across all organisational sectors must add up to make sense for the organisation’s bottom line.  

Capita Procurement Solutions needed a simple way to hold and manage a wide range of documents needed for large client engagements. Quick and easy access to documents was a necessity, and the new storage system needed to be uncomplicated for it to be maintained as they needed to quickly identify whether a project was going right, or wrong. With Verto 365’s document management tools, they found a solution to fit their needs. 

Verto 365 is a contract management solution 

Verto 365 can be tailored into a sustainable system that works for the whole business. Keep each stage of the procurement process on track with Verto 365’s suite of tools at your disposal providing real-time updates and reports showing one single version of the truth for use at every business level. 

If collaboration with suppliers is part of the framework for success, Verto 365 can arrange for all parties to work from the same system with system integrations for a seamless experience. 

Real Time Updates While Remote Working

Verto 365 consolidates information from many different sources into understandable insights that keep everyone in track. Here’s how:

Project network view allows you to visualise the entire project network and explore its spider web

The dependency network mapping tool helps you understand interdependencies between projects and contracts. Teams can share risk by understanding the knock-on effect of an issue and act early to minimise the impact on the wider business.

RIsk and issue mitigation

Contract risk management and early identification of risks and issues can be displayed visually using the RAG method for a proactive response to lessen the negative impact. It is visually impactful to spot a roadblock early so you spend less time on problems and more time on solutions. 

Detailed reports can be generated with configurable access to slice and dice information as it is needed to be shown. Verto 365 reporting means your team can be a step ahead of issues, and provide solutions quickly, instead of just problems. 

Complete document management is available to help organise everything needed into one place, providing access rights to the correct people through permissions set via the desktop or companion app. 

Understanding the contract flow from beginning to completion is vital to ensure compliance is met. Verto 365’s Gantt chart software is configurable and displays the project milestones in a visually impressive format. Delays can cause problems if not handled correctly, but with the off-set dates function, whole timelines can be pushed back at the click of a button.