Streamline your project scheduling process with Verto 365

Map out activities for the wider team with 20/20 vision, all from one project scheduling viewpoint

Overcoming barriers in project schedule management

Is your agency looking for a way to de-mystify the resourcing matrix? Are you in the private sector and have large-scale initiatives, with many moving parts, to schedule? Do you have an objective to unite many of the different organisations within the health sector for alignment on a larger project aim? Are you a LEP reporting manually on multiple workstreams? 

Verto 365 collates all aspects of project scheduling in a single, intuitive platform. Capacity management, working to deadlines, planning timings and identifying risks are all on the cards.

A holistic view of every moving part

Effective schedule management is the backbone that keeps every project activity on track and each team member accountable. Verto 365’s project scheduling system allows everyone to be notified when changes happen.

The interactive Gantt view allows for easy amendments and additions to the plan, automatically altering the information provided on the dashboard. From major milestones to small detailed aspects of the larger project, Verto 365’s Gantt feature grants total control over your schedules.

Sequence all activities to instantly flag issues that might push deadlines beyond their limits. With the power of foresight through effective project scheduling, you can minimise the risks to outcomes.

One complete team map

Verto 365 can help you effectively manage team resources to ensure everyone is being utilised in the most productive way. Visual aids will guide you through the complexities of team resourcing by viewing all team members’ availability on a detailed schedule page.

Quickly identify your teams’ free time via the heatmap view, and improve capacity allocation within your business.

Agency Resourcing with Verto

Create balance within your workplace 

Utilisation percentages for each individual can be cut, chopped and spliced in multiple ways to ensure productivity is high but overwork, leading to burnout, is low. Rate card information can be assigned within Verto 365 to each seniority level, with a bespoke option for individuals.

The timesheet tool also provides project managers with an option to match actual time spent with the estimated view. Whichever way you chose to map your capacity plan, there is a view that suits everyone in a way to identify all key players in one place.