stakeholder engagement with Verto

Tackle stakeholder engagement with Verto 365

Improve stakeholder engagement across all your projects with interactive, real-time data dashboards.

Project stakeholder management tools

Are you struggling to keep your stakeholders in the loop on projects in an effective way? Do you need a simpler solution to ensure that they can see the information they need in an easy-to-understand format? Do your existing methods for stakeholder management and engagement not meet the required standards? Verto 365 is here to help.

Using Verto 365, stakeholder engagement can inform, engage and delight those who need to be in the know. Create customisable reports that contain the data your stakeholders care about. Provide simplified updates on project progress, risks, dependencies and upcoming milestones. Keep your stakeholders updated and enthused with the information that matters to them.

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How can project managers make sure stakeholders embrace change?

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Interactive, real-time data dashboards

Customise real-time data dashboards with the necessary information your stakeholders need. Verto 365 provides an impressive presentation of key data to stakeholders or management teams, with live and interactive data reports at the click of a button. 

Demonstrate project performance by linking outputs to performance outcomes and project KPIs. Reports can be created in a variety of formats to suit your stakeholders’ needs, from Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, TIFF etc.

Risk & issue tracking

Track all your project risks and issues in one place, and keep your team and stakeholders informed on how they progress. Dashboard filtering flags risks ahead of time to ensure you’re prepared to tackle any challenges before they become issues. 

Keep your project stakeholders informed of any risks or issues that require their input, and let them know the outcomes of individual actions. This style of consolidated stakeholder communication ensures a streamlined style of stakeholder engagement.

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