Questions and answers

We have captured all the questions asked during our series of webinars and added our responses. If you have any more questions about the new Verto features drop us a message

Can I use Verto365 and Verto together, or does everyone have to be switched over to Verto365?

You can absolutely use them together. A user can continue to use Verto in exactly the same way as they currently do, the Verto365 functionality is complimentary and can be taken advantage of by those who would like to use it.

How does this fit with external project members?

As external members will not typically have access to your Microsoft Teams, we expect them to continue working on projects within Verto via the browser. As both Verto ‘within the browser’ and ‘within MS Teams’ are simply two routes into the same data, which is simultaneously updated in real time, you can always see updates being made elsewhere and collaborate as normal.

Is there a charge for Verto365?

No, existing clients can access this free of charge as part of our normal release programme.

When will the dynamic dashboards be available?

They will be available in the coming weeks.

What is required from an organisation to enable use of Verto within Microsoft Teams?

To use Verto365, your IT department will need to be involved to enable the connection between Verto and your internal authentication system. This is extremely simple to do, and we have a step-by-step guide that we can provide upon request.

Can we upload .mpp files to Verto?

Yes. Any file can be uploaded into the document store. Microsoft Project files can be imported into Verto, allowing for project plans/Gantt charts to be directly populated from that import.

What is the timescale on the Verto365 Application?

We have recently received Microsoft’s approval for the Verto365 Application. We expect the application to be live and ready for users in the coming weeks.

Can I use Verto365 and Verto together or do I have to switch everyone to Verto 365?

Verto365 within Teams is complimentary to what you are already doing so you can use Verto online via the website, or in Microsoft Teams. We’re finding that more people are using Verto365 through Microsoft Teams because it’s an application they are already familiar using, also it prevents people from having to switch applications. A great feature is the Single Sign-On (SSO) meaning you don’t need to go into the website to sign in, it automatically does this for you as you enter your Microsoft Teams window.

Where is this going? Will you be adding additional features?

With the sharp uptake in user demand for Microsoft Teams, this is just the start of what we can offer our clients. Eventually, we will link to the whole Microsoft office suite of tools. One example you can already see with the calendar view, which is picking up data directly from Office365. We’re looking to integrate further with platforms like Dynamic365, PowerApps, Microsoft Planner etc. We’re going to be driven by our users so following the initial implementation of Verto365 for Microsoft Teams, we are looking to understand what else would make sense for our clients to have access to, and integrate with, so that we can progress and drive the functionality correctly.

Is Verto365 a different license to the standard Verto license?

No, there is no difference between what you currently have with Verto and what you can now get with Verto365 in terms of license agreements. It’s a significant upgrade but you will be able to continue as usual with your existing number of users, now they will all be able to access Verto from within Microsoft Teams using Verto365.

What if we want to onboard the wider organisation now that Verto can be used within Microsoft Teams with Verto365?

We will be able to offer a lower cost upgrade for these instances, and Enterprise options if required.

Can more of my organisation get involved in Verto but on a read-only basis, or would they have to have a user license to view Verto within Teams?

For anyone accessing Verto at all, they will need a license. They can still be part of a Microsoft Teams channel or chat group, but as soon as they click on the Verto tab, they will need to have something in place. However, there is a ‘Read-Only’ Verto license available, which is half the price of a normal one and administrators can assign them on a short-term basis, perhaps for colleagues who want to get to grips with the platform, and then re-assign to others as needed.

Can we implement Verto365 just by using a setting within the tools from the browser?

Our clients will need to have Single Sign-on (SSO) enabled with Microsoft Teams as your active directory which is organised by your IT department. Once this is complete, Verto needs to add your Tenant ID to your Verto settings. All this can happen very quickly once approved from our clients’ side and is not a complex process. Documentation is available to explain the process, so if required, please email and we can arrange this.

Can I link an existing team from Verto to Verto365 within Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can create and new team and link with an existing team. You can also link to a Microsoft Team channel as well as a ‘team’ if that is the way your organisation prefers to operate. In that instance, if someone wants to create a ‘team’ but does not have the relevant permissions, a queue will form where it will notify the main administrator to approve the creation of the ‘team’.

Can this be added via the Microsoft Teams app library?

This option is coming soon. We are just waiting for sign-off from Microsoft to enable this. For the time being we need to create the link using SSO and your Tenant ID to enable Verto365 within your organisation.

Can highlight reports be produced by Verto365 within Microsoft Teams?

Yes, they can. You can produce any of your gateway products or reporting through Verto365 for Microsoft Teams.

Has the NHS tenancy agreement been resolved yet?

The tenancy within NHS Wales has been agreed. We are still waiting to agree the tenancy for NHS England.

When a Verto license has been agreed, will the Verto option automatically appear within Microsoft Teams, or do they need to be added to a team?

If you’ve got a Verto license, it doesn’t mean that all your projects will appear automatically within Microsoft Teams, you’ll have to manually create or link the teams you want to also access within Microsoft Teams and if you’re part of that group of project members, then you will see it. However you have the potential to have as many teams as you want to create, and link to channels and have the configuration that suits you.

When a project closes, can the team for that project also be removed?

Yes, it can. You can unlink the project from Microsoft Teams or delete it as you need to. You’re always in control.

If you make changes in Teams, does it instantly update in Verto?

Yes, Microsoft Teams is simply another route into the same data that Verto is accessing. Every change is available instantly across both Verto within Teams and Verto within the browser.