Questions and answers

We have captured all the questions asked during our series of webinars and added our responses. If you have any more questions about the new Verto features drop us a message

What does the term workspace mean?

The term ‘workspace’ is an alternative name for what you’d currently know as a ‘project’. It’s the collection of fields. We’ve renamed it as work on Vertoone is often less formal and not necessarily a full-blown project.

Will there be a guide released for Vertoone similar to the User Guide available in the Document Store?

There are online guides and tours produced for Vertoone which are easy to access and follow.

What do you mean by “automatic storage”?

Each workspace/project in Verto has unlimited storage to use. You can upload/download through the documents area.

Can you enter re-occurring meetings?

Yes, you can enter re-occurring meetings.

Can you upload multiple files?

Yes, you can upload multiple files and there’s unlimited storage for files.

Does the calendar work with Outlook calendar?

You can export an ICS file from Verto to open in Outlook.

Can these workspaces be linked to programmes/projects?

They will appear in Vertopro in the Workspaces stage where you can expand the fields contained within and move them through the gateways as needed. Any project you’ve created in Vertopro can be accessed through the Vertoone view so you can use these new elements like the board etc…

Are there any plans to integrated Verto with Microsoft Teams?

Watch this space! We have already started work on Microsoft Teams integration and we already have Slack integration.

Will the ability to edit documents on the fly make its way to Vertopro?

Yes, we’ll replicate the functionality/look and feel of this document store in Vertopro.

What is the difference between Tags and Widgets?

A Tag is a grouping that allows you to clump together your associated card labels and then filter on them – for example you could filter on “bug” to see all cards with that tag – therefore narrowing the focus. A Widget is created out of this Filter, and allows you to group a set of Cards together on the Dashboard using custom parameters and a common theme.

Can you invite someone externally to join a board?

Yes, you can invite anyone to join your workspace, internal or external.

Are you able to also edit documents in Verto online that are stored in the project document storage area?

You can via the Vertoone view, we’re adding that functionality to the other Verto views later in the year.

Is there a limit to how many workspaces you can create?

No limit so you can use them for whatever you like.

Can these spaces be used for mind mapping for project planning?

Yes, you can use them to figure out what you’re going to do, they also appear in the Verto Pro view and you can create full projects from them when you’re ready and put them through the normal gateway structure. Alternatively they could just stay in Vertoone.

When editing a document, can multiple people access it to edit it?

If one person is editing on their machine it locks the base version so it’s just one person at once.

Are we able to add links to our Sharepoint too?

Yes, you can link to any other location and access the file through Verto. The only caveat being the person clicking the link must have access to the destination.

Who can see/has access to your Dashboard?

The dashboard is part of the workspace so users that have access to it will see it. We are introducing a personal dashboard in the future will which be unique to you.

Does Verto integrate with MS Teams?

Verto can integrate with Teams, both with the chat and document storage feature. The Verto Team can support you with the integration.

Do current Verto users automatically get access to Vertoone or is it a separate licence?

Vertoone is free to all Vertopro users. You also have the option to have Vertoone specific users for teams who don’t need the full functionality of Verto.

How much does a Vertoone only licence cost?

Vertoone licences start at £9 per month  the cost reduces for larger user levels so most of our clients would only pay £5 per user per month (£60pa) for their additional Vertoone users.