Verto 365 enables Microsoft Teams to become your complete project management tool

This is more than basic integration. Using cutting edge technology from Microsoft (such as OpenID and the Graph API) Verto365 embeds a wide range of work management tools directly into Teams. Transform MS Teams into your all-in-one project management system.

Utilise powerful work management visuals

Create powerful dashboards that help identify progress within workloads and projects, quickly. Recognise stages of completion and areas of continued focus at a glance, and in real time. Configure your dashboards to your exact requirements and re-configure to suit the needs of your stakeholders without needing to spend time on re-design or further data collation.

Manage everything within MS Teams

Manage projects, end to end, within Microsoft Teams without the need to leave your Office 365 suite of tools or log into another system. Customise your view to get all the data you need quickly such as Gantt, Edit All and Summary View and easily share the information with colleagues .

Supercharge your teams' capabilities

Collaborate on strategic decisions to achieve the milestones set easily, or re-scope directly from Verto 365 in MS Teams or from your Verto 365 browser.

See all your commitments in one place

Overlay project tasks and milestones within the same diary of events and meetings in your Microsoft Teams calendar view. House all important actions together in one place that will help streamline your team’s priorities.

Empower through collaboration

Collaborate with your team using Agile methods, such as Kanban-style boards, directly from within Microsoft Teams. Move and add cards and upload documents just as you would when using your Verto system but without having to leave Microsoft Teams.

The work collaboration platform for everyone

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