VertoGrid - Collaboration for STP & ICS Organisations

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Verto is used today by numerous NHS CCGs, Trusts, AHSNs, Councils and LEPs across the country to collaborate, share information, monitor and manage their projects and programmes.

To support the aims of the 44 STP and ICS organisations across the country, TMI Systems recognised the challenges faced in achieving a secure platform for collaborative working across the multiple organisations that make up each footprint and worked in partnership with several STPs to understand their needs and develop a solution that allows them to work effectively together.  STPs aim to work in collaboration to achieve improved patient experience whilst striving for financial sustainability. TMI developed VertoGrid to proactively manage their transformation programmes, capture outputs and link them to their outcomes ensuring effective reporting of achievement.

Developed in partnership with STPs, VertoGrid supports collaborative working both locally and regionally across member organisations. Key benefits include:


Local programme management for each organisation

VertoGrid enables each STP or ICS member organisation to have their own instance of Verto to share documents and manage their projects and programmes. This can be specifically tailored to their needs, using their preferred approach and methodology.


Connects organisations and teams across the STP or ICS

VertoGrid connects each organisation across the STP or ICS region. Individual users can collaborate on shared projects, share documents, chat, message and report on programmes and projects across their region.


Local and STP wide reporting

Each organisation can record benefits and costs into a common set of fields and produce region-wide reports across their VertoGrid network.

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