work management dashboard lets you see everything in one place

Project dashboards are your go-to hub to see everything that’s going on with your projects.  They are nothing short of a project lifesaver.  They make sure that you are one step ahead of struggling projects. 

It’s simple – by flagging those issues that need your attention quickly, it helps you prioritise your time and effort and keep your projects on track.   Verto’s dashboard gives you a live, interactive picture of everything you need to know in an easily digestible way.


A place for all of the information relevant to you and your projects ….


Team members, stakeholders, funding, budgets, tasks, milestones, and progress to date, you name it,  the Verto project dashboard can be as detailed or high level as you like.   You can customise it to display exactly the information you need, in a way that is relevant to your organisation. So you can create fields that not only display meaningful data but also describe that data in a way that is in keeping with your existing practices and workflows. This means that there is no need to re-train using technical language, and Verto will enable you to continue to operate within a familiar framework. You can specify what information is displayed for your projects, meaning that every aspect is highly relevant to your team and their projects.


Highlight important information

Get instant, up to date information on the details that matter most to your project in customised tiles. For example, you could create tiles to display financial data, task status, risk profile and other items that you need to monitor.  You can instantly see which projects are at risk using the RAG (red, amber, green) matrix so you can quickly and easily spot projects in trouble.


A single hub for information

Verto replaces all your separate systems by capturing your data in a centralised hub. You will no longer have to juggle emails, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and project plans. You can easily retrieve the messages and information you need in the project view, and you can share information easily in real-time with your internal project team members and stakeholders.


See everything that’s gone before

Verto records every change made to the project on a timeline. You can review any changes made and revert them to their previous versions if necessary, making management of your information very flexible and secure.  What this gives you is great business continuity.  So, if you’ve got people on leave, new starters or need decisions made quickly, it’s very easy to track what’s gone on before in the lifetime of the project.


Easily co-ordinate the project team

Verto’s scheduler provides a calendar view of all the work across your projects. This feature helps coordinate the schedules of all team members, giving everyone visibility of key tasks and activities, including milestones. This feature is especially useful where you need to prioritise activities and understand exactly where resources need to be positioned.


A birds eye network view

Verto’s network map feature lets you easily view all dependencies between your project and another. For example, one of your main milestones might not be able to be completed until another project has finished. In Verto, you can link the specific milestone across projects, programmes and portfolios. The link will then take you directly to the item it references, making the whole process intuitive and giving you information at the click of a button.

Using the network view, you can assess the impact of interconnecting activities on of your project. You can create dependencies based on any of your project elements, for example connecting a benefit to a risk, so you can assess the impact of decision making.

Verto allows you to connect these dependencies across multiple projects, meaning your project planning benefits from dynamic information and collaboration.  Better still

The network map shows these connections in an interactive spider diagram where you can dig into the detail if needed.

Using Verto makes collaboration more straightforward and more efficient, helping you eliminate a lot of the potential bottlenecks in bringing your project to a successful conclusion. Try our 30 day Free Trial and see how Verto can support your organisation or contact us for a chat and a demo.