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Let's Make Project Management Easy.

Managing projects and programmes comes with a lot of responsibility, and staying on top of your workload can be a challenge. With Verto, you can manage every aspect of your project from one place. 

From task management and team collaboration to risk management and reporting, Verto gives you all the tools and data you need to stay on top of your project. Verto gives project managers a single cloud-based workplace, allowing you to store files, manage timelines and to-do lists, and maintain constant communication with your team and stakeholders.

Verto Plus Main Dashboard

Let's make project management easy

You need to stay on top of multiple projects with involvement from many different people and a huge range of information from emails, project plans, spreadsheets and documents.

Verto gives you all the information you need on the status of all active and proposed projects. It is a single location for files, to-dos, timelines and keeps everyone up to date with what’s going on even when they are on the move.

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View interactive live
dashboard reporting

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Launch your
projects faster

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Work in one
organised space

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Keep everyone
in the loop

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Spend less time in
meetings catching up on
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Manage risks, issues and
milestones in one easy to
use system


  • Reduced reliance on email and excel has saved a huge amount of time
  • Enables us all to work on the right version of a document
  • Cloud based system so access is ‘on the move’
  • Mobile app vertogo is on ios and android and can manage all the approvals and notifications
  • Search tool and tagging function makes finding everything really easy
  • Creates a visual map of inter-dependencies allowing greater transparency and better control

Key features

✔ File Sharing
✔ Alerts & Notifications
✔ Mobile App
✔ Chat & Instant Messaging


  • Great live and interactive dashboard at the press of a button
  • Out of the box reporting and access to a suite of custom reports has saved time
  • Produces simple, easily accessible gantt charts for mapping activities and scheduling
  • Excellent tracking and management of cost savings and financial and non financial benefits
  • Real time access makes presentations ‘live’ which has really impressed our management team

Key features

Real-time reports
Interactive dashboard

Project management

  • Provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all our project information providing much better visibility of our projects
  • Effectively creates a consistent approach to managing small and large scale projects
  • Manages all the approvals within one system and provides an auditable log
  • Tracks all key tasks, milestones and risks and then allows us to easily report on them
  • All the templates are readily accessible now and all held in one place

Key features

✔ Highlight Reporting
✔ Tasks & Milestones
✔ Gantt charts
✔ Approvals & change requests
✔  Project Hierarchies
✔  Resourcing Costs & Benefits

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Verto Dashboard

Live Interactive Dashboards

Maintain accurate and up to date information on each aspect of your project or programme. Ideal for impressive presentation of key data to stakeholders or management teams.

Risk Management Dashboard

Risk Management

Track all your project risks in one place, and keep your team and stakeholders informed on how they progress. Dashboard filtering flags risks ahead of time to ensure you’re prepared for anything.

Risk Management Dashboard
Document Storage

Secure Cloud Based File Management

Keep your data, documents and templates safe with efficient and secure cloud storage. Share your files with relevant parties, and limit who can see certain data.

Benefits Tracking

Benefits Management

Manage all project benefits, savings and expenditure from one dashboard. Staying on top of your project’s financial status has never been easier.

Benefits Tracking
Gantt Charts

Task Management & Milestone Gantt Charts

Create Gantt charts to manage tasks, deadlines and milestones across your project or programme. Keep track of the who’s, what’s and when’s of your project with ease.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Instant messaging, live chat, notifications and alerts ensure that your entire team stays engaged with the project and informed of their responsibilities.

Team Collaboration
Benefits Reporting

Create Reports Easily

Create live and interactive dashboard reports at the click of a button, and produce custom data reports for your key stakeholders or management team.

Verto Software Integrations

Software Integration

Verto is a complementary web based solution, fully integratable with other software and systems, including Slack, Microsoft Excel and OneDrive.

Verto Software Integrations

Get instant access on the move with the vertogo App

Everything from approvals to real-time updates available at your fingertips

Approving through the vertogo App means you can quickly assess any submissions and act wherever you happen to be.

Receiving mail via the vertogo App ensures you can see important project information when not logged into the system at your computer.

Receiving notifications directly in the vertogo App keeps you in the loop for any changes within your projects in real-time, allowing you to react immediately if required.

Communicating with team members via chat provides a quick way to share information and reduces the need for emails which can be hard to track.

The vertogo App gives you access to your Verto Scheduler on your mobile, allowing you to check your work commitments, schedule meetings or send reminders.

Seamless updating in real-time
The vertogo app seamlessly connects you to the project world of Verto, everything you see is up to the second and instantly updated.

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Schedule some time to learn how Verto can help your business.

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