Dependency mapping streamlined with Verto 365

Use Verto 365’s dependency mapping tool to reconcile the impact of tasks and milestones on each other. Keep track of your dependencies to ensure everything goes to plan.

Project network view allows you to visualise the entire project network and explore its spider web

Identify connections between workflows

Our dependency mapping tool helps you identify the impact of certain tasks and deliverables on your overall project or workflow. Determine what actions are a prerequisite to others. Don’t assume your work operates in a silo. 

Achieve your goals more efficiently by mapping out the knock-on effects of every action you take. Identify the connections between work being completed in different areas of the organisation. 

Keep your project timeline on track by understanding the order in which things need to be done. Operate more effectively by working strategically through your dependencies. 

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Gantt Charts Graphic
Project network view allows you to visualise the entire project network and explore its spider web

Streamline workflows from start to finish

Use your dependency map to streamline how your team works, both alone and collaboratively. Action specific tasks in order or assign to your team members using Kanban boards

Enable seamless collaboration with Verto 365’s document management system. Work together on live documents while tracking all edits, and keep things centralised to one master document. 

Present your progress to stakeholders using our bespoke reporting software or dashboard function. Show off your strategy with customised data dashboards, and present your work in a visually appealing way. 

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Verto 365 does the hard work for you

Use Verto to help you focus on what needs your attention using links, statuses, priorities, deadlines, risks and more. As an all-in-one solution to work management, Verto 365 offers a range of functionalities to help streamline workflows, maintain collaboration between colleagues, and keep your project on track. 

Use our risk management tool to identify risks ahead of time, and map out contingency plans where needed. Plan your work completion timeline with integrated Gantt charts and align everything according to your strategy.

Verto 365 is designed to behave intuitively. By reducing the time you spend on admin, you can dedicate more time to furthering your goals. Utilise the platform’s range of work management features to work smarter. 

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