Collaborate with Workspaces: task management software, designed with your human team in-mind

Use Verto as your extra pair of hands when managing a large number of work tasks

Overloaded with To-Do Lists?

People often start the week off with the best intentions. They block their calendar with activities to complete. Then they take notes during the weekly call, with an action list. Next, they’re sent the minutes from last week’s town hall meeting on email, skim-reading through until they notice their tasks. In the meantime, their line manager wants to change the strategy a little, so a message is waiting inside of Microsoft Teams detailing the next steps.

Before the morning is done, they have actions littered in several places and no coherent way of bringing the tasks, or the information needed to complete those tasks together. What’s more, several others in their team are in exactly the same position.

Time to take stock

Now is the time to introduce our colleagues to Verto 365s Workspaces.

Workspaces are logical ways to group your work. They allow you to build Kanban Boards that hold all the information you need to get the task completed, as well as letting the user decide on the importance, progress, timeframes, and collaborators.

Begin using free

You can turn on Workspaces from Microsoft Teams, or from your browser, for free and begin to use straight away.

Get the free app from the AppSource within your Teams window or click the TRY FOR FREE button below and follow the signup process.

The tools you need

Kanban Boards

Verto’s Kanban Boards are a visual masterpiece allowing you to map and manage all tasks related to a piece of work or activity. Include colleagues where their input is needed to improve collaboration and click into cards to add more detail and information to help complete the work. Notifications will help to keep you honest, so you won’t miss a deadline.


Verto’s latest feature helps you focus on what you need to do even faster. The unique aggregation brings together an individuals’ work from across multiple boards and projects to provide a simple view of everything relating to one person, allowing focus on the right things.

Document management

Document sharing is a pain point for many companies when multiple versions pile up due to duplication or work is saved in multiple places causing delays in locating what you need. Verto servers are secure and integration with the full Microsoft suite means you can easily access and view the most up-to-date version of the information you require at the click of a button.